Robson, Tang, and Yoo Fight Against Chess’ Greatest Puzzle Solvers In Puzzle World Championship!

The 2023 Puzzles World Championship is a competition for the best chess puzzle experts in the world. The event is part of the 2023 Puzzle Week celebration with the top players battling for their share of the $25,000 prize fund and the title of fastest puzzle-solver in the world.


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  1. I am amazed of the memory of Ray Robson. I'm sure he saw all those puzzles, but to remember them all is crazy

  2. The one loss of puzzle master Robson made me think about this Persian carpet trivia:

    In many handmade Persian carpets you will discover the deliberate mistake. Followers of Islam believe only Allah makes things perfectly, and therefore to weave a perfect rug or carpet would be an offense to Allah.

    Props tot Robson for weaving his Persian puzzle carpet!

  3. To clarify, are the competitors seeing every puzzle for the first time or are the puzzles selected from a pool of puzzles they have seen before?

  4. Can someone explain to me 1:47:00 ? In the video it looks like the last move Ray played was taking the pawn, but I put the position into the engine and it says the only non-losing move is to take the queen… Am I confused?

  5. it was so annoying that for the black puzzles the board is still from white's POV

  6. jimis vs penguin 1:02:52 watch Tang do the puzzle #4 and then jimis play the same move for that puzzle gets a strike. Funny thing is the puzzle seems wrong, if it's white to move and white has no + moves. I suspect that the stream rate is low and it doesn't catch all the moves.

  7. Neither Magnus nor Hikaru ever went through the entire speed chess championship with just one loss. This was insane performance by Robson (yesterday and today)

  8. Turn the black no normal view and show the score, not the total points!

  9. Nice event, I enjoyed it last year too. Puzzle battles have an awesome climax. However the winner was no surprise, I hope someone can give Robson a better match next year.

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