Ridiculous Chess Puzzle! ♔ Can You Solve It? ♔ Improve Your Chess

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In this video, I show an INSANE position where it is white to play and WIN! This is definately one of the craziest puzzles I have shared on the channel so far! See how much you can figure out! Be sure to stay connected for more chess content! 🙂
Composer: Mark Liburkin
FEN – 1b6/4P3/1P2PN2/8/2P5/P1k5/P1p2P2/K5B1 w – – 0 1

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  1. I thought “this position looks familiar” and then I realized that I suggested it to you on Discord because of how beautiful this puzzle is.

  2. 17:24 after f6, Bc4 is actually better than taking, but it only delays promotion a couple more moves.

  3. After Bxh2 by black and b7 by white, if black plays Kd3 instead of Be5 the game is a draw. Bxh2, b7, Kd3, if b8=Q/B, Bxb8, Nc7, Bxc7, e7, Be5+, Nd4, Bxd4#, that is e7 does not work for white because playing Kd3 the black bishop on e5 comes with check and white has no time to promote e8 to a rook and attack the black bishop.

  4. This is just a Godly puzzle, thank you so much

  5. 4:30 How about 1) …Kd3+? Doesn't that force, 2) Nd4 … BxN#?8:10 Even here, why doesn't …Be5, then …Kd3+ win?Ahhh, Bh2.

  6. Mark Liburkin was a really great composer. This is not his only masterpiece, but one indeed worth showing widely!

  7. 4:11 also, cant black just respond with Kd3+, knight d4 blocking the check is forced and bxd4 #?

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