Random Strangers In London TRY To Solve IMPOSSIBLE Chess Puzzles

We sent David Howell out on the streets of London to see if he could find some folks to solve chess puzzles, but with a catch!

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  1. solved all of em within a few secs, I'm not even that strong but these are 1800-2000 level at max

  2. Weirdly enough I got the easy and hard quickly but overcomplicated the medium one and got it wrong

  3. I love the last puzzle! If I'm not mistaken it was created by Paul Morphy himself

    If you ever have to explain what is zugzwang to someone, show them this puzzle. It's also easy to remember how to set the position up 😊

  4. These puzzles are not hard and they are very well known. why don't you ask one of my compositions next time, and we'll see if they can solve?

  5. Each of these we're past daily puzzle. Good video idea.

  6. This guys going to be a superstar.
    Surprised me lol.

  7. Was anyone thinking the answer to the hardest one was something like 1.Ra5 a6 2.Rh5 then the black bishop goes somewhere 3.Rh7 then the black bishop goes somewhere on the same diagonal again. 4.Rxb7 then if the black bishop goes back to b8 to guard against the mate on a7 white plays 5. Rxb8# and if 4…. a5 5.Rxa7#

  8. The hard one was the only one I got immediately. That pretty much sums up my chess. Overthinking easier stuff and instantly get the harder stuff.

  9. Where was this event? I'd love to catch-up and play with other chess lovers in London!

  10. Lol I only got the hard one πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  11. I solved them all and I'm 1200 😒

  12. I don't know I am right but if I can sacrifice THE ROOK and THE QUEEN. I will do it

  13. I struggled on the Easy one and solved he medium and hard one in like 5 seconds each. How did people miss the medium one just sack the queen for a rook mate

  14. When I grow up, I want to be like David Howell. Too bad I’m 7 years older than he is 😭

  15. Do you play chess?
    kid: Yeah I play for England.

  16. That last puzzle is actually pretty easy. Not necessarily because its easy, but because it's so famous as a study that even amateur chess players might have seen it on instagram and tiktok.

  17. That was the easiest thirty pounds I could have won.

  18. I like the video, but β€œimpossible puzzles”? I hate being that guy, but literally took me less than 10 seconds to solve them.

  19. plz tell me I'm not the only one who got the last one instantly while making a mistake with the first two πŸ˜…

  20. I didn't get the 2nd but I got the 3rd lol

  21. Miss the easiest puzzle and solve hardest oneπŸ’€

  22. I got the first two instantly, the hard one took me one minute. Not too bad I guess.

  23. I got easy, lost mind in medium n hard was agaun easy

  24. Every city needs a streetclub like FourCorner – big props to James!

  25. these are easy not impossible

  26. The last puzzle was a famous study by tal right?

  27. The hardest one is quite well known but still very cool

  28. All pussles there are easy becouse one is not many moves and famous and thats supposed to be the hard one. Thats like the opening pussle in the pussle book.

  29. First one isn't a puzzle as there are several moves that mate.

  30. I solved all the puzzles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I'm I also a future grandmaster?…πŸ˜…lol

  31. Am i the only one who solved them all in 5 seconds β€πŸ’€

  32. weirdly enough…. that first one took me the longest. I saw the other ones in a second, because patern recognition

  33. I only got medium can't believe I missed the M1!

  34. eh i solved the hard puzzle the fastest and the easy one the slowest

  35. 5:47 Disgusting and unacceptable on so many levels …

  36. Founder of @fourcornerclub here πŸ‘‹ (where all the players were under the trees)

  37. Founder of @fourcornerclub here (dude in the cap). Apologies for my performance. Was baffed to have David just rock up randomly. So great.

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