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  1. I really like how Frank taps his mouse a lot.

  2. u played very well, just a tip: think more deep about some lines thst you see

  3. If someones wondering, last one was rook from e8 to e2. Both rooks defend each other and block the 1 and 2 files, while the pawn blocks f3 and the rooks also block the e column. Pretty beautiful actually, rooks working together with a pawn

  4. frank, dont be saying "were gonna go there" and "were gonna just give a check" without thinking because thats what makes you blunder or miss good tactics, just relax and think

  5. Frank, I just want to thank you for making your videos. I was seriously contemplating quitting chess but then I got inspired by you and decided to continue. You are truly the GOAT of chess!

  6. Well done Frank. I absolutely think regular puzzle solving and a few online lessons are the best way to learn. If you do it consistently In 6 months you will be above 1000 elo for sure.

  7. W vid, u should try the survival mode for puzzles too.

  8. Frank is actually becoming better or it's just me?


  10. one thing I realise frank is good at tactics but he hasn't quite learned about positional play that why he lost against orbital


  12. Frank. Your evolving as a Pokémon in chess. Just try to calculate before you make the move

  13. Never stop calculating on your own move, always think about what your opponent will do, that alone will boost you 200 ELO points

  14. Amazing that you went 11 for 11 and only gained 22 puzzle points. Almost like you didn't go 11 for 11.

  15. the thing is this… you need routine…
    every day learning from the puzzels…
    not only once a week…
    but you doing great ^^…

    when frank is doing some tournament?
    not only stronger player like orbital…

  16. How is the 1st puzzle checkmate pawn can block pawn g4

  17. Some times he says the good moves but not the follow up

  18. such low quality content why do people even follow you what's about it

  19. maybe next time you should spend more than three seconds on every puzzle

  20. how tf are franks puzzle easy as shit when he has a higher puzzle rating than me

  21. frank a tip when doin a puzzle is seeing the position first not the obvious move also if you want a harder puzzle do the daily ones

  22. Frank make a video where you play puzzle rush survival pls

  23. yo frank i wanted to make collaboration where we play a match against each other im 980 elo so i think it's gonna be a close fight

    im a youtuber (with 7 subs) i hope you accept

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