Opening the Secret Ancient Chess Box!

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  1. The pin in the front of the drawer is so you can't turn upside down and open

  2. That pin is there so you can't cheat it. If you turn it upside-down to release the four pins the pin in the door will drop preventing you from opening it.

  3. It would be awesome if they made a harder version. Where there would be an up-side down pin randomly on the playing field. So when a magnet went over it, the pin would lock into place. Giving the person trying to solve it sort of a red herring.

  4. I like the ancient look of the puzzle but for 170 bucks they could have at least put something inside – and if its just a paper that says congratulations. They could put a discount voucher inside for the next puzzle which would make both the puzzle maker and the customer happy. Or put an old looking chess king in there or something like that.

  5. 10:48 It very much makes sense, because if the 5th pin was not there all you would have to do to open the box is turn it upside down. The 5th pin stops that from happening. When you turn it upside down all 4 pins retract, but the 5th pin engages, so it doesn't open.

  6. I think that extra pin is to lock it when the box is upside down.
    As soon as I saw how the other pins worked, I wondered what was stopping it from unlocking when upside down. I think that’s the purpose of that additional pin.

  7. watching you move the magnets and making extra steps for yourself gave me anxiety lol

  8. I think the fourth pin is a false solution where if you put a magnetic pawn over it you will here a click and think it is solved but infact you are locking it. The problem is there is no slot over the pin to put a pawn. If he had just routed one more slot over that pin then it would work.

  9. Thanks for these videos! Really interesting!

  10. I find it funny how how says "triggers" when I'm certain he actually means "Intrigues"

  11. If you got one that works leave it there and find another one. Quit moving it. MYbe you open it faster

  12. Put money in it and tell a kid if they can open it they can keep thats inside. This way the kids learn and get rewarded for doing so..

  13. Because the drawer is quite a tight fit, the holes are there for air to escape and enter as you open and close the drawer easily! 😊

  14. They should have put a king piece in the box.

  15. turning it upside down would release all the pins, the 5th pin is to prevent that. im sure you know that already, idk why im even commenting.

  16. I feel like it's hardly a puzzle if it's just trial and error.

  17. You are the lock picking lawyer of puzzles

  18. The pin in the front keeps you from turning the puzzle over and cheating.

  19. You might hear the click and think it was part of the solution and just locking the drawer

  20. This puzzle looks like something straight out of "The Room" series (escape room games for PC).

  21. Maybe they could make a box that connected to a chessboard and the function of the box is to give random stats on the pieces or een additional joined board

  22. The front pin is so that you can't just open it up by turning it upside down. All of the pins are subject to gravity, and turning the puzzle upside down would release all of the pins expect the front one, which would lock the drawer instead.

  23. Lol Anyone else notice the drum beat at the end is a theme from a specific, not-so-reputable website?

  24. I think the front pin fell out when you banged it.

  25. Wish that some how i can purchase that πŸ˜₯πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°

  26. The fifth pin drops when turned upside down to lock the puzzle as the magnetic pins unlock.

  27. Made me think of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"…

  28. Regular content. Hopefully more will start watching as i advertise my favorites. If you start charging for premium membership stuff…i dont need to advertise for you for free???

  29. Have you designed a puzzle of your own?
    If not, would you consider it?

  30. Draw needs a front/flange to stop someone using a Shim on that anti-cheat pin πŸ™‚

  31. So happy to have discovered this channel. I've been playing killer sudoku so much to the point where my brain is constantly doing different sudoku math+puzzles. So this is refreshing yet still very stimulating to my ever active brain πŸ˜‡

  32. have you ever got so frustrated with a puzzle box that you throw it against a wall and the hidden object falls out πŸ™‚

  33. 10:42 from what I gather that pin is to keep you from bumping it open since if you turn it upside down the other pits would open but that 1 pin would keep in closed

  34. I would name that puzzle "The March of the Pawns," or "the People's Revolution." Then I'd put a gold coin in the middle :p

  35. Chess was invented in INDIAπŸ™‚πŸ™ƒ

  36. Nuremberg toy fair? Nuremberg has had a weird history huh?

  37. I really like your
    videos but that ticking/snare drum sound effect in the background makes it almost unbearable.

  38. The pin is there to prevent cheating because when upside down it locks the puzzle

  39. The puzzle could be more difficult if some pawns had repelling magnets with a spring loaded pin, so you have to pull some pins and push others

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