Only Pros Can Solve This Easy Puzzle #Shorts

Here’s an interesting Chess Endgame Puzzle. Let’s See If You Can Solve it!
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  1. "Making sacrifices in endgame can be advantageous" is what I have to learn

  2. Knight why not e7?
    That is also a good move

  3. Bro plz make video in hindi voice 😭🥰

  4. No i can easily take the knight because i know with single queen i cant be mate

  5. Take horse to e5 then king will capture horse .
    And start to promote the pawn.
    The king can't take the pawn

  6. When will you upload a video on Mikhail tal

  7. I knew it, only 1 day of watching ur channel and now am a pro

  8. Ok let night play to e5 ,but then there is still a great move for black to play can anyone find it

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