Only Pros Can Solve This Easy Puzzle #Shorts

Here’s an interesting Chess Endgame Puzzle. Let’s See If You Can Solve it!
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  1. Knight sacrifise on e5 or e7…so king distracts and pawn become queen

  2. Ne7..block Kings approach towards white pawn

  3. Me who did knight d8, bKing pushed near the pawn then knight f7, bKing takes knight pushes pawn to queen

  4. Its knight to e5 because if the king capture the knight than we can easily promote the pawn in queen and if the king go to g5 than we can easily promote the pawn.

  5. A 560 elo was right!!!!
    I CaNt BElievE My eYEs!
    I SoLVeD iT WhILE BEiNg a 560 elo!

  6. He has to capture the knight otherwise he will not be able to go near to the pawn

  7. Immediately I started to fight the king, I went e7, he take the knight I ran with the pawn he tried to chase me I ran away he can't get me, I promoted him to to queen then the "RUN" started in the background while the king is running from me 😭
    Totally beginner I may know much but I have fun playing the game even in my imagination 😅

  8. Of course there is a solution to everything in your videos 😄

  9. First we will knight sacrifice and we will promote pawn to Queen

  10. Not good move he kill my horse and he will play phone he gave cheat and when I cheak realize hi put is horse our pound near and I can't relive my qween

  11. I found it on 5 seconds.
    It was a great move!

  12. Knight to E5 so that we have G7 covered. Black Kings best mive would be be KE5+ allowing White Pawn to promote.

  13. Knight to e5 king captures e5 then h6 and white wins

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