Only A Cheater Can Solve These 1 Move Checkmate Puzzles

Only A Cheater Can Solve These 1 Move Checkmate Puzzles

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  1. 6:38 White Bishop to G4 takes the Knight and it's checkmate (maybe)

  2. For the 4th one ( one with a lot of knights and queens) Bxg4 is also checkmate

  3. First one, it's xd6 en passant, you can see that the pawn is takable as he moves it forward.

  4. I guess I’m good? Because I got the first one and didn’t cheat! I saw the pawn moved 2 squares and I questioned can I do en passant and then I decided it was correct. And the second one, I saw that white can long castle on the queen side of the board and it took me 5 mins to figure it out. The 3rd position I figured it out because of the letter and number thought displayed on the board and also that position is possible if black used his/her knight and white allowed black to capture of of his/her pieces except the queen and knight and then they marched across each other’s board without taking or being a temporary pacifist and then the king walked through the diagonals of the pawns of walked around the pawns, depending which pawn was moved and where the king was at that time. The 4th position was hard and I eventually found knight to d4 and plus bishop takes knight on g4 is checkmate if white and black swapped sides of the board then, it would be checkmate since the pawn could not block the check and it would mean that there would 2 options for checkmate in 1. In the 5th position I immediately saw checkmate in one by the move king to c5, blocking the escape route of the black king and allows discovered checkMATE! (Check-MATE!).

  5. The second one was given to me by my coach

  6. Hey hey hey, on the 4. one isnt bxg4 mate too?

  7. Tbh for the first one i just looked at the bishop and I saw the pawn and I'm like "oh, that's easy" (btw I'm like 800)

  8. on the 4 th one you could also mate with bishop g4

  9. some of these puzzles are in the Soviet Chess Primer book, which I'm reading so I could figure them out easily

  10. guys for the fourth puzzle Bxg4 is not mate, because f5

  11. I think I also got the third one – the pawns are going down the board and we deliver checkmate with the knight!!!

  12. The moment u touched the pawn in the first puzzle I found the mate
    It was en passant

  13. Chessscape the position before the last one, the bishop can also deliver checkmate!!!

  14. pawn checkmate found before i clicked on the video

  15. By the way in the seceond to last puzzle u could have put took the horse with the white bishop

  16. Thanks man i learn something from this vidio to look much deeper for possible checkmate

  17. Hi Chessscape I’m a 700 newbie (started playing on 1 March 2023), this episode is very interesting and I am enjoying your videos (especially the shorts and cHeCkMaTe), keep it going!

  18. 7:44 can't I use the bishop on h3 and take the night on G4?

  19. just move the d pawn one square because of the black square bishop the king cannot move there and is being checked

  20. So everyone watching this video is a cheater💀💀

  21. These are more like mind puzzles than chess puzzles, but im not complaining

  22. i got the mate in less than a minute ;-;(without going in the vid. im 600…)

  23. Ok so first of all bro only made the video to find all the chess cheaters in the world💀💀
    And besides we cheaters have thinking capabilities way beyond your imagination. It’s why we were able to solve it as soon as we saw it… ( with stockfish ofc what did u expect?😤😤)

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