Only A Cheater Can Solve These 1 Move Checkmate Puzzles

Only A Cheater Can Solve These 1 Move Checkmate Puzzles

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  1. this puzzle has no mating paterns

  2. Chessescape you can also deliver checkmate in the 4th puzzle by taking with the bishop isn’t it correct

  3. Naaa the can move all but not take a pice💀💀💀💀

  4. You can also capture the g4 knight on the 4th puzzle and checkmate him in 1 move.

  5. after the 2nd one i just looked for the most retorted moves

  6. On 4th puzzle bxg4 was also a mate there were 2 mates and second one was kd4 😮

  7. He didn't show the previous move so there is no way of knowing that you can use en passant… Which is the trick, otherwise it would be trivial.

  8. 1st puzzle is no match for a r/anarchychess community member

  9. I've seen the first en passant one before, so I thought these would all be easy. Wrong! Only the last one.

  10. you can also take with bg4 that,s a mate number 4

  11. That Castling scenario messed with my head. But then I'd had a few 😎

  12. you shoukd prbly turn off the eveluation bar

  13. 1st one is not a one move mate because the queen can block the check

  14. i just looked at yhe thumbnail and thought d6 immediately

  15. Ok, so you didn't tell us the last move black played when you started the video. You said, the only hint I can give you is the last moved played by black, which you then proceed to not tell us. Lol. I was like.. damn.. there's no checkmate in one on this first puzzle. Then after you debunked the checkmate you tell us the last move by black. It helps if you actually give us the full context of the puzzle before asking us to solve it. Was the puzzle to figure out the last move black made as well? Lol. So, the point here is not that you are finding check in one, it's to figure out the silly ways which the puzzle is configured. I would give these a 2/10 for actual puzzle value. It's not outside the box thinking, it's a puzzle meant to be figured out by discarding all the knowledge in chess which you usually have access to. If i were actually trying to solve for mate in 1, I would know black's last move instead of figuring it out before I solve for mate in 1. I would KNOW that the king and rook had not castled, and I would know that someone just set the board up for a puzzle like they did in #4. #3 and #4 were easy. One and 2 were hard, not because you have to think outside the box, but because relevant information you should have known wasn't disclosed to you. Remember, you never said the King and rook had not moved, but you also never said they had remained stationary either. Relevant to the puzzle.

  16. Great fun. Thx. Great accent too. A bit of Yul Brynner here.

  17. 1st puzzle. A similar position was reached years ago in a tournament. The referee stated the c5 move was illegal… as this is the equivalent for the black king to put itself in check.. there is some argument to be made for this. . The black pawn never indeed reach c5. It was killed before on c6.

  18. The positions and analysis are excellent, but the staccato presentation, glitzy graphics and intrusive music are distracting and annoying.

  19. 3:05 how am I supposed to know that the king and rook haven’t moved and just went back to were they first were because to castle in chess the king and rook cannot move or castling wouldn’t be legal

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