Only A Cheater Can Solve These 1 Move Checkmate Puzzles

Only A Cheater Can Solve These 1 Move Checkmate Puzzles

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  1. En passant!
    Phle bhi ek ne aese chutiya kata tha 😂 pr is baar nhi

  2. 3rd puzzle was so frustrating haha. I realized the ranks were swapped, but it did not calculate in my mind the way it affected the pawns

  3. you literally revealed that you could en passant before you explained it

  4. 3:20
    If the ranks weren't swapped then this would be a possible position. The black knights can jump out and capture the white pieces, then hop back

  5. thumbnail was obvious, i guess im cheating

  6. First: dxc e.p.#
    Second: O-O-O#
    Third: Nd3#
    Fourth: Nbd4#
    Fifth: Kc5#

  7. Fun fact: just now when I played someone he took the pawn but then (the bishop from the corner)

  8. For the third one, white can go bishop takes g4

  9. 1. If that guy move his pawn double step at last step, then it's solvable.
    2. If king and rook didn't move, then it's solvable.

  10. Another move in third one is bishop kill knight

  11. 5:43 pretty sure Bxg4# works as well. the bishop isn’t pinned and cannot be taken.

  12. 7:40 what if bishop taked the knight will it be still checkmate?

  13. lol in first pussel pawn pesand becuz when u pushed the pawn i saw the dots

  14. 7:28 there are two checkmates in 1, the second one is bishop takes horsey g4

  15. 1.Pawn takes c6 using en passant.
    2.Long Castle
    3.Kinda difficult, thanks for hint also it is Nd3# Smothered Mate
    4.Nb to d4#
    Too easy, my son solved this on my device ez. No cheats, here is an actual hard one.
    1 Black king on a8
    1 black Bishop on b8
    2 black pawns on a7 and b7
    1 white pawn on b6
    1 white rook on a1
    1 white king on c8
    White to move, mate in 2

  16. In puzzle 4, Bxg4 is also checkmate. The bishop controls both squares

  17. I didnt found third and fourth ones 😢

  18. There is one position where 2 pieces can checkmate

  19. This is what i call a real puzzle because its a tricky puzzle that you need to use your brain cells by the way thank you for all the videos i have learned a lot from you like oppositions and many many more😊

  20. i got all of them right and I'm quite impressed i got the knights one in 3 seconds

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