Officer Pawnpusher Returns – Episode 21

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Puzzle FEN:
K7/2PPP1P1/1k6/8/8/8/3p4/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
S. Hornecker, 2009

0:00 – Story
0:41 – Chess Puzzle

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  1. I have been your subscriber for almost two years now but this is my favourite series with your Martin challenges in second

  2. This like a dream. I just went to play a tournament and after I came home, I see Nelson's content. This is the best day tbh!

  3. Hey Nelsi – from your greatest fan my son -> 2:55 what if you push e pawn and take a knight? If you take the knight and c pawn push and get a queen. @chessvibes

  4. I don't play chess, but I really like these puzzles

  5. In the beginning, what if you do a king move, queen captures middle pawn, then you promote left pawn to knight?

  6. pretty sure Nelson did a video on this Puzzle a while ago and explained a few more lines than in this one.
    But I cant find it anymore…

  7. eemm how about King to b8 and the underpromotion if the queen takes the d-pawn you are protecting the pawn on the e-line with the knight and with check dealt you get the g pawn to queen i am no expert this is just an idea someone please confirms if this works in any way or if it is a losing move

  8. White king to b8, then black queen to d7, white porn to c8 promote to Knight this is black check and covers a7 for later. Black has to move king or sacrifice queen which would loose the game so king moves. Then white g7 to g8 and promote to queen. Leaving blacks best move to be take porn on E7. In time white will check mate as white has knight and queen and black has just a queen.
    Please tell me how black could come back from this as I can't find it.

  9. If I was Peter patzer I would be somewhat concerned by the fact that there is a prison with the same name as me, on an island I never went to before.

  10. 21 ways to lose your confidence!
    (great puzzles BTW)

  11. Very nice! And so much for "knights on the rim is dim!"

  12. These puzzle island stories are just wonderful. Especially I like officer Pawnpusher) Now he is my favourite personage

  13. No info on Peter Patzer? Means he starved to death in that atrocious facility

  14. Will there be a time, when one of them can't solve a puzzle? nah, they are invincible B)

  15. No breakfast is a pretty harsh punishment when you think about it. The first meal of the day, whenever it is, is breakfast because you break your fast between days. Therefore, if you don’t eat breakfast, you don’t eat at all on that given day. There is no debate to be had over whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because without it, the day has no meals.

  16. i only saw the thumbnail, im immediately gonna say that the pawn on c8 promotes to a knight with check, that is my hypothesis

  17. From 2:55, white can play e8 (promote to knight), preventing Qxc7. If black plays Qxe8+, then white plays c7 (promote to queen).

  18. Good on Average Joe as I couldn't evaluate the position after Nd6 Qxd6+ Kc8 (granted I didn't see anything else)

  19. No, at 3:06 if you move the first pawn on the left to promote to knight, its not a mate and you can promote other pawns.

  20. Good puzzle and awful storytelling. Nelson, if your characters ALWAYS win, it’s getting predictable and repetitive. In chess, you don’t win every time. Raise the stakes, make the characters suffer. Moreover, make us care about them! Big dislike for today.

  21. I saw the thumbnail and thought that it was black that needed to save the game, because white has so many pawns ready to become queens🤣🤣

  22. Kd6 on 5:33 can be replaced by Qg6. And I can't figure out how to draw from there.

  23. very nice position! At 5:54 though you repeated moves as black by going qxe6+ Qd6+ Qe6 which doesn't win after Kd8. Instead of Qxe6+ I suggest qxe7, idea g8=Q Qb7+ Kd8 Qb8+ and Qxg8 winning.

  24. Could the key be 1. c8N+?

    2:27 Alternatively, if 1. d8Q Qa4+ 2. Kb8 Qa7+ 3. Kc8 Qb7 mates. (similar to what happens if White tries 1. b8Q.)

    Here's another puzzle to try: N7/PPPPPPPP/K1k3rB/b1pnnb1p/8/1r6/pp3p2/7q w KQkq – 0 1 . André Chéron, 1964. (White to play and win.)

  25. we need more of this, honestly one of the most entertaining chess series I have ever seen 😊

  26. After that meal Average Joe most likely got a good knights sleep to prepare for the next challenge. Been enjoying this series, thanks for sharing.

  27. It's white to play, not black to play as showed in the thumbnail

  28. there needs to be some kind of under promotion bishop and knight mate puzzle in here

  29. Great story. Very enjoyable. This is pretty mad. It's difficult to see the solution. But in practice, what is the probability of this setup ever appearing in a real game? Maybe not computationally impossible, but I have stopped feeling bad about not knowing the solution by realising it's a theoretical puzzle with an edited board. Makes a great demo of the value of promoting to a knight, though! EDIT I now half expect somebody to say it was from a real game between Herbert and MacGuffin in 1865. 😁

  30. So thats why you dont want to push 4 pawns at once.

  31. I've got no idea how they discover these positions

  32. I have a doubt

    What if white promote to knight and five black first check
    Then promote to second knight

  33. With this white is controlling two main square near white king

  34. After taking pawn at d7….what if the pawn at c7 moves and turns into queen

  35. I'm happy I solved all the knight promotions before the solution.

    but on 6:54 I was thinking Knight to E6.. instead of running the king over, is that wrong? all the other moves before I understand.

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