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  1. i found the first 2 moves and my friend continue the whole sequence

  2. Influenced by your recent videos, I would say that this move is Dubovious.

  3. There isn't a pawn on C4 in the thumbnail.

  4. What if pawn g3 is played by white after rook move by black? How it will be checkmate in 4 moves?

  5. 1:20, wow! I didn't even get close! I saw things like 1…Qd3 2.bxa5 Qc2!? 3.Rxc2 Nxc2# or 3.b3 Rxb3+. But 3.b4 or even 3.Qd1 avoid #4.
    Also, b3 any time avoids #4 in almost every line.

  6. #suggestion
    Good day Sir Agadmator! I'm really a fan of yours, and watch all your videos in your channel. That was truly amazing. I want to suggest my own game because for me this is one of the best games I've ever played. Also the game was just good, and it could have gone either way. Also it would be nice if this will be featured, hopefully, because this opening is not played very often, as compared to others. I will really be greatful if this game will be featured, even though I'm not a high rated player. I will be giving more details if you decide to feature this game. Thank you Sir Agad!

  7. Outstanding and one of the greatest puzzles of all time,for me😂

  8. Equation for agadmator's humor =
    #agadamator's humor = solve the puzzle in as much time you want, maybe two or three years… + !!

  9. You should analyse this game between amazon alexa and google assistant

  10. Me after watching Dubov's games: Hmm, I'm gonna channel my inner Dubov-ious move and have the queen capture the pawn. Of course, I have no idea what happens next. 😂😂😂

  11. Everyone : what a game ?? What a explanation by agadmator??
    Meanwhile me: Which software agadmator used to show these chess videos??

  12. After pawn captures with check and bishop takes the pawn…. Isn't knight to c2 checkmate in 2…please check…. Am i missing something?

  13. what if the rook captures the rook instead of queen….then queen would take pawn after it takes the bishop

  14. Me, after looking at the board for 45 seconds: I found it, mate in 3 for black
    Agadmator: it's mate in 4 for black
    Me:Well shit

  15. Need a slow motion replay of the winning sequence 😂

  16. It's just me or Black has a matte with one journey ??????? knight to c 2 ?????

  17. Hey agadmator please show us the mitrofanov's immortal puzzle study!!!

  18. At 5:08, you don't have to take -Queen takes rook at d2. You have to push pawn to B3, after that pawn takes pawn at B4, and its mate in 3

  19. I'm so proud of myself for finding that Qxb4 instantly…

  20. My first try was to capture the pawn with the queen, but I didn't see how to finish it so I tried others.

  21. Wow the pronounciation of the players's names is almost perfect

  22. i am with beth harmon on this. puzzles are stupid. they are like those theoretical papers that dont see the dawn of practicability.

  23. Please do Carlsen vs. Firouzja in the first round of Wijk aan Zee 2021. Thank you.

  24. agadmator you can come back even after 2 years
    me who found the moves in less than 2 min
    Ok huh i guess i don't suck at chess after all 🙆

  25. I don't know a thing about chess but I like watching chess videos to pretend I am smart

  26. Agad pls analyse the game of magnus vs alireza from wijk aan zee

  27. Wow it was the first thing I fought it could be the one 😎

  28. It is similar to Plachutta. But not really.

  29. Please cover the TCEC SEASON 20 ( at least a few of the THE PREMIER DIVISION GAMES )

    # You interpret & analyse the TOP ENGINE MATCHES so very well.
    # please do so….if possible.🙏🙏🙏💗💓💛💖

  30. One thing Antonio didn't mention is that Rd2 covers the b2 square, preventing white from creating an escape square by playing b3. This is the reason that it is the only move order that works. All the other threats I looked at, white can play b3 and get the king to b2.

  31. I am watching a year from now, still didn't find it !!

  32. why not king to b7 then whatever white does we take axb4, then bishop takes b4 only move then rook to a8 checkmate?

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