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  1. #suggestion Magnus Carlsen vs Levon Aronian Jan(2015)….
    Gotham chess put this game as the greatest game of Magnus Carlsen..

  2. What happens if white goes Bc6 instead of the Queen capturing the Rook?

  3. man i wish i wouldve seen that rook move i was trying to disconnect the queen within the pawn lol im a dumbass i saw that square was guarded 5 times and was like heck naw whats dumb is i was trying to get the knight to that square i literally didnt see any of the moves to protect the knight lol not even the knight moves that im sure wouldve hinted it to me

  4. I found it as soon as I saw And I am 1200 in blitz and 1600 in rapid

  5. 6:54 The d2 square was guarded 5 times, still rook to d2 without a single White piece defending the rook was the best move !! 😳😳😳
    That's just incredible and that's how beautiful this game is.❤️❤️

  6. Chess puzzle ruined by Bobby Fisher himself…

  7. Freaking amazing .. I wouldn’t solve that in years

  8. i see mate in 1 with knight or mate in 2 with pawn then queen

  9. Another solution: nc7+ rxc7, qd3 b4xa5, qxc7 b3, rxb3+ axb3, Qb3#

  10. i nearly got It but thought that i should have sacrificed my rook

  11. imagine how many games have such a beautiful checkmate but were just never discovered

  12. Amazing ! Thank you so much Antonio !!!

  13. Now I know why Koskinen looked so sad while Kasanen seems so happy.

  14. I was looking at BE4 KG5 QC6 BG2 Then I don't see a move where white can block knight checkmates. Sorry I am a beginner so I am probably missing something, if anyone wants to pitch in!

  15. I wanna be as happy as Agadmator is in this video! 😛

  16. When I saw agad doing puzzles I started with sacking my queen SO YEAH it felt nice when agad congratulated me..😅

  17. Knight to C2 is checkmate in 1, so this must be a puzzle where you need to figure out how to do it in 4 moves? Is that right?
    Am I missing something? Must have 😉

  18. You have a picture of wrong Henri Koskinen. The guy in the picture is Henri Koskinen as well. He is today in his fifties and still playing on FM level. 😁 Greetings from Finland. Suomi mainittu, torille!

  19. Nice job pronouncing those finnish names properly!

  20. At 4:28 doesn’t rook to e3 also deliver checkmate. If blocked with queen you take with rook and check and if knight takes you deliver checkmate with pawn.

  21. I found Rxb4 which I think wins but just in more moves?

  22. What if the White Queen will not capture the black rook. But instead does Pawn to B3?

  23. My first guess was Qxb4 but I didn't find the winning continuation after Bishop takes, pawn takes.

  24. I think I've seen this puzzle in Kotov's Think Like a Grandmaster (diagram 99 – I realised halfway through because in the book the board wasn't flipped).

  25. But what if…I don't have any friends and the bar and the library are shut down due to Covid-19?

  26. The absolute first thing I thought of was to capture with the queen on b4, must be instincts 😀

  27. Good position, good puzzle, good solution! Liked video.

  28. Proper respect for pronouncing the Finnish names that well 🙂

  29. I tried to solve it with some breaks, I probably looked at all the different variations of taking the b4 pawn so many times. But wow just kinda nudging the queen to the right square to deliver a pawn mate? And with that rook sack? Yeah, would've taken me much longer than an hour to find that.

  30. White's rook and knight just enjoy the opera😀

  31. Did anyone think this was Eric Rosen or just me?

  32. Yep, that's uh, pretty good. You have increased my not-so-vast knowledge.

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