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  1. Wow.. If I start finding such moves over the board I'll be invincible!!💁🏻‍♂️

  2. Imagine someone clicking off the video before seeing the solution and actually spending 2 years trying to crack the puzzle only to get it wrong

  3. I've never played chess in a bar… 😂☺️😋

  4. I spent 3 days and got it wrong, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  5. I found the first move, but only the the first move. : (

  6. bar? closed.
    library? closed.
    friends? none.
    Hotel? Trivago

  7. I analyzed Qxb4 but didn’t find Rd2. I’m kind of upset with myself for not finding it as it seems so obvious after the fact.

  8. I really want to know how this position came about. How in the world did black manage to lose a knight a Bishop and three pawns while only capturing one of their opponent’s pawn?

  9. ⚠️ Agadmator will be the first Video Chess Channel on the whole Planet to reach 1 Million subscribers soon! 🙂 … I hope he does something special on that day … 🙂

    How high should Agadmator be in the Top 10 of best personalities raising chess-awareness to the whole world last decade? … Which other chess personalities comes close (or does it "better" reaching millions) to what Agadmator does on YouTube … maybe Hikaru Nakamura? (675K subs).

  11. can you create a position of, for lack of a better phrase, coerced checkmate, where it is one side or the other's turn, and their only option or options result in checkmate?

  12. Isn't it just a plachutta? ..I mean whole theme of the puzzle

  13. If you want to analyze with engine, here is the FEN: kr1r4/7p/2bqp1p1/p7/1Pp1PP1P/K1B1nNPB/PP5R/RN2Q3 b – – 0 1

  14. Rd2 might be one of the most amazing moves I've ever seen

  15. My friends at the bar and library would be impressed…but COVID is rampant in America so we can’t go to the bar or library…and my friends don’t go to the bar or library…and our bars and libraries don’t have chess…and I’m too old for bars…and I don’t have friends near me…and I don’t drink or read books…otherwise exciting stuff.

  16. So thats what all the cool kids were doing in the library all these years. (studying chess) I was in the gym playing basketball.

  17. I was watching an online game with a Grandmaster playing. I've noticed a move which he missed. It makes for a great puzzle. Where can I send you it? Twitter maybe?

  18. Why always bar or library ,, my friends always stay at home😁😁

  19. I found all the moves! It really is an amazing puzzle.

  20. "queen covers the f7 square"
    Maybe it was not a good idea to flip the board 🙂

  21. Classic example of how to think in chess. Imagine the position you want then simply work out how to get there!

  22. My first thought was to sacrifice the knight and queen to tie up the position going [(1) Nc2+, Rxc2 (2) Qxb4+, Bxb4 (3) Rd1, Qxd1 (4) axb4#] but soon realized the Rd1 move could simply be countered by sacrificing the queen, playing b3. Giving the king an escape and being up material. So after about another 40 minutes and a lot of dead end ideas I'm pretty sure the actual solution is [(1) Qxb4+, Bxb4 (2) Rd2, Qxd2 (3) Nc2+, Qxc2 (4) axb4#] Rook to D2 forces the queen to take as the bishop taking leads to knight C2 checkmate and Rook takes leads to pawn capturing bishop checkmate which are both mate in 3. So that was a really neat force to get the queen off guarding B4

  23. I solved this puzzle in first attempt . Really I am not saying lie .. and after watching the solution I am filled with joy and satisfaction ☀️☀️☀️💞👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  24. I totally got the first move. But barely saw the rest. I'll take that as a win for me!

  25. That Rd2 reminds me of the "plachutta" by Tarrasch, you block the defense line of two pieces and then sacrifice another piece to double distract the Queen. Beautiful!

  26. I love listening to your commentary. It is easy to see that you truly enjoy the game of chess!! Thank you!

  27. Rd2 was the best move I have ever seen in my life

  28. But why is the c4 pawn missing in the thumbnail?

  29. Why isn't knight C2 mate ? Am I Crazy?
    Edit : Sorry didn't see the rook.

  30. Hmm i see checkmate in 3 if Rock captures b4 instead of queen.

    If bishop captures, queen captures, checkmate with the night.
    If he does not capture with the bishop, Rook a4 is just checkmate.

    Donno if i missed something.

  31. what if—–after rock on d2, white play knight d4

  32. I flipped the board but not the names and photos 🙂
    Kasanen is playing black here

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