Never Doubt Grandpa – A Crazy Chess Problem

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Puzzle FEN:
8/2p5/8/8/5P1k/p7/7P/2K5 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Grigoriev, 1937

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  1. 😯i Don't believe it, i guessed right each Time !

  2. I got the all of the moves right but missed the pin 💀

  3. The word Grand in Grandmaster is taken from Grandpa

  4. I got this problem right without pausing! Proud of myself

  5. How about Kb3 resulting in promotion withnout check

  6. Magnus carlsen – ———
    Stock fish – ————–
    Grandpa as a kid – —————————————————————-

  7. But if you don't chase the pawn after the initial push

  8. This reminds me of my friend and his grandpa. He was really good at chess, his grandpa was also really good at chess and would throw puzzles like this at him.

  9. Im Guessing White Wins Bcz Square Rule!

  10. Expect but however you do left weakest ( like me I mean I play for 6 month ( not always ) and become advance ( 1800 )

  11. This actually happened to me 4 months ago when I was playing chess for 2 months and getting third runner up in school but I was shocked when my grandpa actually demolished me in chess

  12. I think Chess Talk already did the same video

  13. But what if he made a knight and not a Queen in the end then it'd be a check and might end in a draw

  14. I saw everything including the replacement

  15. Haha I solved as grand pa without any mistakes

  16. And The Grandson is lucky to have a GM granddad

  17. And maybe Mr. Reti comes to Grandson’s rescue!

  18. at 1:16
    What is stopping black from going King H5?
    – If white goes F5, black can chase and eat
    – If white goes H4, black goes G6 and can eat whichever pawn moves first then chase the other one.
    Can't really see a way for white to win against that but then again, I'm not a great chess player.

  19. So at 4:45. From my understanding the Grandson wants a draw with white. Can't he play Kb3 after black moved Kg3. In this way he would get the black pawn either way after the next move with either Kxc3 or Kxc2 if black decides to push the pawn to c2. It's gonna be a draw since there is only the pawn on h3 left and the black king is right next to it? Or am I missing something

  20. At 2:45, after Ke3, if white moves Kb3 (the black king will protect the pawn in d3) and then pushes the f pawn, the black pawn will not promote with check, therefore white ust need a queen trade to win the game, won't it be enough?

  21. I wasn‘t able to see it right away but at some point I was

  22. I'm currently on 150 elo and solved this position easily but if u may ask why I am 150 elo well that's bc I resign when I get bored and after I actully lose by checkmate I lose hope and get scared of playing

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