My Favorite Chess Tactic ⚡️


  1. No it’s not completely over because the other player was a queen up and now your saying it’s over because a rook up 🤣

  2. this is your fav?? Bruhh i found your another vid man that vid is so menace has insane tactics compare to this 😬😬

  3. What's the name of this board background and pieces design?

  4. For the first time i saw all the best moves before knowing that!

  5. I feel good about finding this one. Working backwards and seeing the knight attacks the Queen at the end of the line essentially solves the missing piece for you.

  6. Damn! I would have overlooked if i were in this situation

  7. I love your work man! Really helpful
    How can i train this specific tactic?what should i search?

  8. Did anyone else find checkmate in 3 moves?

  9. what does like rook up or like bishop up?? i’m confused

  10. bro your content is so amazing great work and wanna play 1v1 with me in chess?

  11. I actually found this one, really neat

  12. The way you explain chess is so good, it shows how much you love the game

  13. How do I find chess unlimited chess puzzles?

  14. Yeah but when will I ever be in that exact situation


  16. So, fork plus decoy (Bg7 is decoy not just sacrifice).

  17. its so weird how your brain gets better at chess. like i didnt really have a concious thought process and then i solved it.

  18. That was a check mate instead of sacrificing the rook you should have used the knight .

  19. Wow, I would've taken the rook with the Knight immediately

  20. It's not happening when I play but I really hope it's happening to me when I play with other people like that.

  21. You underestimate my power…to blunder my rook and still lose

  22. Lesss gooooo i did it even though i have 1043 elo

  23. I like your these kind of videos without music … keep going bro

  24. maybe if knight takes rook it leads checkmate.

  25. but what about nf6+ kh8 nxe8 rxe8 rxe8#?

  26. This is the reason why I subscribed and that’s why you’re the goat!!!

  27. I got all the way until bishop sac I need to get better at forcing royal forks

  28. If my opponent did this to me I would be crying and quit chess right at that spot

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