Most Brilliant Chess Puzzle

You are awesome!

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  1. I like the "slow motion" moves. 😄

  2. Hmmm… There's also: 1. Qa1+Kb7 2. Rh7+Qc7 3. Rxc7+Kxc7 4.Qg7+Kc8 5.Kb6… and you will have a queen and bishop for his rook so you're winning easily.

  3. Funny how simple that was because I was expecting it to be much harder and made it so.

    Qa1+ is also a forced mate that I spent more time than I want to admit solving. And then realized I did it the hard way.

  4. Why not: Qa1, Kb7, Rh7, Kb8, Qe5 From there on only thing black can do is sacrifice. Absolutely not as beautiful as the line of the puzzle (with b4), but anyway pretty forcing

  5. Can it also be solved, q to a1, rook to h7 and q to e5? Not as pretty.. or maybe I am missing something, I don't play chess, just watch this channel.

  6. What if Qa1+, Kb7, Rh7+? Does Black block with the Queen? Is this endgame winning for White or not? Q + B vs 2R + 2 pawns

  7. Puzzle solving technique
    1. All opponent's moves must be forced
    2. The bigger guns must be sacrificed
    3. King will assist in delivery of checkmate (mostly proximity must be considered)
    4. Of course pawn to b4

  8. B4 is like gum on your shoe – you can't rid of it

  9. I solved it while scrolling video just by watching thumbnail and came in to see the solution, goodone agad

  10. Got this in less than a minute. Pretty easy when all moves has check.

  11. White to move and mate in how many moves ? That's usually what is asked of a chess problem, but you didn't say in how many moves.

  12. Best thumbnail ever, a chess board and a handsome chad

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