Most Brilliant Chess Puzzle

You are awesome!

00:00 Hello Everyone!

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  1. Hello. You really doing your job awesome at showing us and prove that b4 is the best move even for black in many positions.

  2. What about queena1-kingb7,rookh7-kingb8,queene5

  3. Queen A1 follow by h7 also winning for white

  4. it's on Chessify! Amazing puzzles everyday..last week it was mate in 3s only

  5. Seems Steinitz saga will start soon, otherwise he won’t have such short video/puzzle on Monday

  6. i spotted all moves in a blink of a sec. my lichess id is Arun2912

  7. There is another solution:
    Qa1 then Rh7 then Qe5 and after he blocks with the queen you have #Qc7
    Edit: but of course he can sacrifice the queen and then there's no more checkmate

  8. Wow I actually found the solution immediately while looking at the thumbnail of the video. For some reason Qa5+ was the first move that came to mind. I guess any time you can execute b4 with such effect the moves come naturally 😅

  9. "Queen to A5 with check, not something you would expect"
    Literally my first move, i had no plan, just wanted to see what would happen and found the mate pretty quickly

  10. b4 agad, there was no one… and now, i am sure there'll be no one either 🙂 super!

  11. Queen a1, rook h7, queen a5

    All attempts at blocking simply get captured.

    Much simpler and less convuluted

  12. Agad, what if Qa1+, Kb7 only move, Rh7+, Kb8(unless wants to sac material), Qe5+, Qc7, Qxc7#?

  13. Liked it and found it. Rare combination! Thanks for sharing.

  14. First I was looking at Ra4+ because of the pin but then saw Qa5+ to draw the king in after a few seconds of finding nothing else. Beautiful position

  15. I found 1.Rh7, Qa1# seems unstoppable

  16. Qa5 Kxa5 Ra4 bxa4 b5#
    Qa5 Kb7 Rh7 Kb8 Qb6 Qb7 Qb7#

  17. Wow I just solved in in like 10 seconds I can not believe it :DDD

  18. I can't believe I spotted it in first second!!!🥹🥹

  19. What is wrong with Queen a1 Rock h7 and Queen e5?
    I can Not see why it shouldnt work

  20. Found all the three moves when I saw it on Twitter! For the first time, I solved a puzzle!

  21. 2:28 a move that more often than not wins for white, lol evans gambit

  22. Thank you agad I watch you every day love from bulgaria

  23. b4, the magic move strikes again! Nice puzzle. A shame that the composer is the hoodie guy.

  24. Thanks to Agad, my friends at the bar/library now love me.

  25. i also found this on twitter through the chessify channel. but unfortunately i think they are ending the mate-in-3-series now..

  26. I actually found a different variation which… may or may not work I only glanced it but this is such a beautiful mate that I concede Qa1 RH7 Qf4 because the combo in the game is too nice

  27. Seems like you had uploaded this before too

  28. Regarding Twitter, I do have an account, not a big fan though, especially after the new owner! 🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. Why do you keep putting your face on the thumbnail , like bruh?

  30. Beautiful puzzle! BUT there is another variation NOT involving white playing #b4 that still wins with a forced mate … I was working with 1. Qa1+ but couldn't find the entire sequence. Stockfish helped to complete it:
    1. Qa1+ Kb7 forced; Rh7+ Qc7 you have to trade the queen for a rook otherwise you get mated even faster; 3. Rxc7+ Kxc7; 4. Qg7+ Kc8 and now you have a forced mate… quickest is 5. Kb6 and black gives up the rook with Ra6+; 6. Kxa6 Kd8; 7. Kb6 Re7; 8. Qf8 Kd7; now get the bishop involved with 9. Bg2 e5; 10. Bh3+ Re6; 11. Qf7+ Kd8; 12. Bxe6 and let black have #b4; 13. Qf8

  31. What Agad says : I found the puzzle while browsing Twitter
    What actually happened : I searched for games that ended with a b4 checkmate

  32. If you start Rh7+ then blacks only defense is indeed Qd8, although you can push b4 to avoid the black Qa5 after white Qa1+. However black can play Re7 to block the white rook and I haven't found a continuation after that

  33. Look, Agad put hoodie guy in winning position, while himself at receiving end. Nice humble gesture

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