Most Brilliant Chess Puzzle

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  1. I showed this puzzle to my friends at the bar and now I don't have any friends at the bar.

  2. I would go queen a1 check, in the position the only available square for the king is b7, then rook h7 check, here the obvious move would be king b8 which is countered by queen e5 check, no more squares for the king so the queen takes the heat with queen c7, from there queen takes on c7 checkmate.
    If after rook h7 check is met with either a rook or a queen sacrifice then it s even faster.

  3. Can't imagine I could solve it in a couple of seconds after I saw it, loved it.

  4. White to win (white to play and to win) ?

  5. I usually fail to solve most puzzles but as soon as Agad said Hello everyone!. I somehow saw the Queen sac instantly. Proud of myself for solving it within seconds

  6. 1. Qa1+ Kb7 2. Rh7+ Kb8 3. Qe5+
    Should also be winning but the queen sacrifice is much cooler

  7. This is very mediocre puzzle. Just have to find forcing lines.

  8. Well I thought, I would have checked the queen sac. It didn't work in my mind. Btw Agad where's the hoodie?

  9. What's wrong with Rook to h7 (cutting off the escape rank), followed by Queen to a1 mate? It looks very simple to me. I am typing this before continuing the video. But I'm excited to see what I missed. 😆😆

  10. I found a different variant, mate in 14 starting with Qa1 which felt a bit more natural. Og solution is much cooler though, I admit 🙂

    [Variant "From Position"]
    [FEN "r1q1r3/8/k1p1p3/1pK5/7R/1P6/8/4QB2 w – – 0 1"]

    1. Qa1+ Kb7 2. Rh7+ Qc7 3. Rxc7+ Kxc7 4. Qg7+ Kc8 5. Kb6 Ra6+ 6. Kxa6 Kd8 7. Kb6 Rg8 8. Qxg8+ Ke7 9. Qg7+ Kd6 10. Bg2 e5 11. Qf6+ Kd7 12. Bxc6+ Kc8 13. Qf8#

  11. I'm pretty certain that a continuation starting with Qa1 also wins for white. Thoughts?

  12. the fact that I saw this position and both rook and queen sac is instantly what jumped to me

  13. Puzzles like these make me wonder how many times I have probably had checkmate on the board, but moved the wrong first piece to start the sequence.

  14. Can't we do Qa1+, Kb7; Rh7+, Kb8; Qe5+, Qc7; Qxc7#?

  15. Dang, in my case after I saw that Qa1+ Kb7 Rh7+ wins the queen and some pawns for white, I stopped calculating and assumed it was enough to win. Didn't see the mate sequence proper.

  16. You are not wearing a hoodie, I feel so over dressed now!

  17. Is Qa1+, Kb7, Rh7+ worth exploring? The only move for black I can see in that spot is Qc7, trading for a rook, which seems good for white, but I'm unable to calculate the queen + bishop + 1 pawn vs two rooks + 3 pawns endgame.

  18. My friends at the bar and library weren't impressed with me because I've missed your upload by a few hours and they already saw it

  19. I found a different solution, but it doesn't have a forced checkmate in a very specific situation, and (forced) check mate in the other situations.

    Qa1 check-> Kb7 (only legal move) -> Rh7 check. Now black has 3 moves:

    1: sacrificing the black queen with with Qc7 is the best move. After Qc7-> Rxc7 -> Kxc7. Now black is down a queen but has 2 rooks, White has a queen and a bishop. Normally this is winning for white.

    The second option is sacrificing the rook and the queen by going Re7 first, Rxe7 ->Qc7 -> Rxc7 -> Kxc7. Now black has only 1 rook and White has a queen and bishop. This is unwinnable for black.

    In both cases, going Qd7 is forced mate because after whites moves Rxd7 the king cannot take the rook and only has 2 legal moves: Kb8 and Kc8. White can go Qq7 and checkmate shortly after.

    The third option loses straight away, after Rh7 the black king hides in Kb2. But Qe5 is check mate in 1 after Qc3 blocks the attack, Qxc3 check mate.

  20. What about Qa1+ – Kb7, Rh7+ – Kb7, Qe5+ – Qc7, Q*c7++ ?

  21. I solved this instantly. You obviously just play b4 and black resigns.

  22. What happens it you play Queen a1? Then King has to go to b7, then Rh7 check. Then either go back and get mated or lose the queen while blocking, leaving youz with a winning endgame, no?

  23. What if queen a1 check followed by rook h7 check, that will also give winning position

  24. I don't have friends. Let alone at the bar and the library. Sorry about that.

  25. Found it, but forgot about the pin so calculated it without the rook sack……doesn't matter though, I still found checkmate hahah

  26. I was looking in my mind for Qa1, Then rock h7, Qc7, RxC7, KxC7, #Qg7, and going with King to catch mate

  27. 'Twitter is a lovely platform" – Agad

  28. everyone talks about agad or the puzzle but

    can we talk about the fact that it's the first time agad doesn't wear a hoodie for a game when hoodie guy is involved?

  29. What agadmator forgot to tell puzzle novices is the key phrase "white to move and win."

  30. Elon Musk thanks you for endorsing Twitter.

  31. This is nice but queen check .followed by rook check and then queen slopes to diagonal check is also check mate in 3

  32. What about q…a1. K…b7, r…h7.
    At a minimum you are winning the queen for a rook.

  33. Chess noobs: But how do I win in chess?

    Agadmator: b4#

  34. I actually calculated immediately Qa5+ Kxa5 Ra4+ bxa4 b4 Ka4 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I did not know that b4 is checkmate

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