Most Brilliant Chess Puzzle

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  1. excellent take on twitter. I only follow my favorite content creators, authors, a few celebs, and people from my hobbies that I know. 'trending' is a cesspool you want to avoid 99% of the time

  2. The rook's goofy motion in 2:08 reminds me of Daniel Day-Lewis' head-bobbing movements as he explains to Paul Dano how he's "checkmated" his oil field with the infamous line "I drink your milkshake": the

  3. there is a similar mating net in a game Dragun – Lagrave from U16 World Championship in 2010 #suggestion

  4. "No price is too high for the Kings head"

  5. For a ~1050 rated player i´m glad i found Queen A1, Rook H7 & Queen E5.

  6. Why not 1. Qa1+ Kb7 2. Rh7+ Kb8 3. Qe5+ Qc7 4. Qxc7#

  7. Nice puzzle. Wish lichess put better puzzles like this

  8. I knew the solution was b4++ I just had to find the first 2 moves!! not wonder why he is so happy hehehe

  9. idc what GMs think – B4 is the greatest chess move. no debates 🤣

  10. Whoa whoa whoa. What about Qa1, kb7, Rh7, kb8, Qe5?

  11. If I were a bird, I'd go tweet on Twitter. As I'm not a bird, I don't tweet.

  12. It's a nice puzzle, but the thing about puzzles that start with a check is that there are only a few check moves and you can evaluate them very quickly.

  13. Damn it, this puzzle was so easy I solved it in like 4-5mins. Beautiful pawn mate! 🥂

  14. okay im 20 seconds into the video, what i see is Qa5, Ra4, b4 (as I type this, this must be the solution as it is b4#)
    if Kb7, we have Rh7 Qb6 Qb7 mate

  15. Meaning of agadmator didn't find anywhere is your real name?

  16. Too easy. My cat figured it out and he’s only 700

  17. Can't believe I actually solved this one! 😁

  18. We can do it again in slow motion..

  19. I wish I looked at that more now. That would've felt great to find. I went through the lines, Ra4+, Qa1+, bxb5+. I couldn't make any of it work so I'm like, "ah, it'll be one of them, I'm missing something". I should've known it would have to be something special for you to do a video on it. Damn my laziness and need for instant gratification. I ruined it.

  20. there are other solutions to this puzzle as well which dont include sacrifice. Qa1+, king to b7, Rh7+, black queen blocks check, trade rook for queen , move your queen and win the endgame

  21. The position seems quite unrealistic ,…. the moves are quite predictable

  22. In regards to the twitter comment I’ll say that I’m not on there solely because Musk took over. If he goes I’ll come back.

  23. @agadmator, why "most briliant puzzle" ? Its was easiest puzzle i ever saw in my life , and im medium skilled played.

  24. Παναγιώτης Φρεντζάς says:

    1.Qa1+ Kb7 2.Rh7+ etc is also a very easy win.
    Placing initially the Queen at d2 fixes this, now the solution is unique.

  25. "And now the only move that wins for white, B4 the Evans gambit is on the board~"

  26. The given solution is beautiful. But even without the bishop, white is winning by 1.Qa1+ Kb7 2.Rh7 Qc7 3.Rxc7 Kxc7 4.Qg7+ …


  28. Twitter is dying. There is no way a lier can convince people that it is a free platform.

  29. This video was a paid ad for Twitter brought to you by Agadmator.

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