Mate in 3 Puzzle (Quite Hard)


  1. What if the black pawn takes the horse instead of the elephant ?

  2. So frustrating… I couldn't solve it and came back to look at the solution. It's great. Spoiler hint: Very similar to the Murphy problem, where the king is squeezed and you have to bang on that.

  3. Nc5 and Bb7 will lead to mate. Bc6 kc8 Nc7#

  4. Against all odds I figured this out.

  5. Solved very easily after watching the bishop!!

  6. Just knew I was going to get it but didn't

  7. I calculated too much, and after 15 mins it just come to my mind I won't lie, I felt like IM A MONSTER! Right now I hadn't seen the answer, but I'm pretty sure of my result, I'll tell you if I was right ot not 😉

  8. This took me forever lol, once I found the first move rest was essy

  9. How about kc8 and Nc7+?
    Don't see anything wrong but please tell me in reply

  10. Everyone focused on the corner

    Me;about to click fullscreen sees bishop

    Hold on

  11. Loved the puzzle.. all knight moves let king of black to escape.. knew it had to be a bishop move.. and eventually figured out the sacrifice.. took a lot of time like 6-7 mins

  12. It took about 30 – 40 sec. So, not so hard.

  13. A 2000 player should solve this under 5 secs or should retire from chess!

  14. My dumbass brain put the Knight a block lower which is why I couldn’t solve the puzzle because there was no mate in 3

  15. I ACTUALLY got this one but admittedly took me about 10min!

  16. I got lucky and solved this puzzle in only 1 minute

  17. Quite easy found out solution within 10 sec

  18. I couldn’t do it.I never saw c6.I thought first move had to be a knight move-doh!

  19. I found it, but I’m 99% sure I saw this puzzle a couple years ago

  20. Bro I was calculating within 2 hours and i can't find anything until bishop show up

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