Mate in 2 moves | Chess Puzzles | #shorts

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  1. Why was the queen sacrifice only a good move according to stockfish?

  2. U could also move queen to G4 check so he has to put king in the corner and then rook check

  3. Queen to H8 check, King has to take the Queen, then Rook f8 checkmate

  4. this is definitely a 1400 or below puzzle tho

  5. Queen G4 unic movements king h8 torre F8 mate

  6. Couldn’t Qg4 Kh8 rf8 work? If instead of moving, they block the check with a rook, doesn’t that still have like mate in 4/3 soon?

  7. Much easier way to check mate would be if white moves with the queen g4 then it black king needs to move and only legal move is to h8 then tore to f8, easy win

  8. Queen G4 and tower F8 its mate to V:

  9. I found it in a glance 1. Qh8+ Kxh8 2. Rf8#

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