MATE in 12 | Chess Challenge | Solve This If YOU Are a GENIUS | Endgame Puzzle, Moves & Tactics

#ChessChallenge – Solve This Chess Puzzle if You Are a Genius. In this chess video, I will show you an amazing chess composition which was composed by the Hungarian Engineer, Ottó Bláthy. It’s a checkmate in 12 moves, can you find the winning move continuation for white? Let’s see!

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This puzzle involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas. This is a unique chess problem where White has just one knight and a king whereas, black has all his pieces. But still White can win this game. You need to find the best moves & ideas in which white can trap black in between his own pieces and checkmate the black king. This is a really interesting puzzle and you can learn some important chess concepts out of this brilliant endgame composition. I am sharing the solution as well, but I would suggest you try solving this on your own to test your chess skills. I also have another interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that. It’s a famous position from a great game of Bobby Fischer. Let’s see if you can find the best move for that.

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  1. at the 2:27 point of the vid black could do pawn d5 for check from rook and the the horse is gone and king can't take because of the other rook..

  2. in the puzzle
    Be5, pinning the bishop
    black has to capture, Bxe5
    take the a6 pawn and simply promote a queen and the games over in few moves

  3. Be5 then Bxe5 then A7 and finally white will get a Queen.

  4. At 1:20 if you move white king to e4 Or e3 and then moving horse to a6

  5. I am not sure but maybe it is e5 pinning bishop and if it opponent doesn't kill then he can capture the bishop which will allow him to promote the pawn

  6. My brain thinking duration in seconds:
    1. Want pawn promotion
    2. Bishop guard square
    3. my bishop also attack square, il be winning after trade
    4. but i want queen, so i hate bishop
    5. need distraction, HAHA I SAKRIFICE BY UNPROTECTED PIN

  7. Be5 forcing the to capture Then Bishop captures, Then a7 unstopable Pawn

  8. a7 if bishop does not take the pawn then white will play a8 promoting to a queen so bishop has to take then you can take the bishop

  9. I put this position in Leela and the computer stalemated 🤣

  10. Puzzle
    Be5 if he captures bishop a7 and a8=Q if he doesn't capture we will

  11. Be5 then black cannot do anything to stop white to promote

  12. 3:11 instead of moving the bishop or moving the knight
    you can just move your rook to a3 or b1

  13. Be5 If captures, a7 and queen and if not, Bxd4, a7 queen

  14. Be5 is the answer if B×e5 a7 and whatever black players can promote a Queen and wins the game

  15. Bishop to e5 is the solution because after that the pass pawn can not be stoped any how.

  16. Be5!! It pins the bishop to the king so white can push a7 and promote on the next move and if he removes the pin by moving his you capture his bishop and you simply promote to a queen and win the game so his best reply will be Bxe5 and then you play a7 and promote on the next turn

  17. Be5 Bxe5 a7
    He will promote to Queen
    If he didn't take we will take his Bishop and win the game

  18. I solved the first puzzle 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  19. Play Nf4+, king moves back , fork the queen, capture queen and fork bishop, capture bishop, play the moves played in the starting position, play Ke4, black plays d5+ , play Ke5, bishop check, Ke6, knight check ,Kd7, whatever move black plays , Nd3#

  20. This was the most easiest puzzle out of all the puzzles I've watched at the end of your videos

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