Matahari ( Chess Puzzle )

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  1. Imagine making a move and the computer just says mate in 100

  2. Why did no one see that queen h7 was mate in one

  3. i couldn't see the H2 pawn next to the rook and i was like "WHY IS THE ROOK NOT MOVING ON H2"

  4. What happen if black king use queen to defend white queen

  5. oh I thought it was queen a8 cause if queen takes its checkmate

  6. Rh6+ ,Q×H6,QA8+ then its forced mate in 2

  7. Can't the black Bishop and Queen box their own king and force a draw….

  8. Am i the only one that saw move rook up and fork queen and king 😩

  9. Imagine playing against this dude in a real game

  10. I saw move queen to check the king on G7 so the bishop can’t take and only the queen can take and from there on you can take the queen with rook because the queen is forced to take and get an easy ladder checkmate

    Edit: if the bishop takes the room after you take the queen, the pawn is two spaces away from promoting

  11. Q to A8 wins also but yeah you can do that I guess

  12. It would have ended only in two moves😒😒

  13. Bro ppl who actually try this and get a draw n times

  14. Or just QA8, and if Q takes rook on h file chekmate….

  15. Why didn’t you simply try to put your queen to g8 as it was a beautiful checkmate

  16. Why is this a actual puzzle the answer is rook h2 queen blocks rook takes queen chackmate

  17. Hikaru:
    Check check check check check check check check…

  18. Ферзь г7. Остаток 2 ладьи. Нахуя эти танцы

  19. faster way: white Q on a1, black Qxa1, white rook from g6 to h6 checkmate


  21. Well, there was a 2 moves checkmate

    Here's how :
    1) move white queen upwards
    Reaction: black queen will kill it obv
    2)checkmate with rook by covering both rows

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