Master-Level Chess Puzzles, Explained

In this video, I solve a series of puzzles rated between 2200 and 2400, explaining the thought process behind each one of them in as detailed a manner as possible.

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  1. i'm hard stuck at 2300 puzzles idk wtf is going on in the majority of them.
    thx fpr tips buddy

  2. man i was anxious when i didnt see part four pog its back

  3. Daniel "and the problem has been solved" Naroditsky

  4. the variance in the difficulty at that rating level on is remarkable. That last puzzle was very easy, but the one before it was very difficult.

  5. Daniel, coming from a seller and marketer: Start your videos by saying : Hello everyone!!! Then move on or something like that… Instead of : Hello everyone, welcome to "annnother video" … sounds like we don't want to hear about it… 🙂 I love your videos, my 2 cents … if you want tips about improving your presentation etc comment and I'll write back

  6. I love you bro but chill out with the ads 😭😭

  7. You make it seem pretty straightforward. Repetition, repetition, repetition is how we learn. More!

  8. Chess is so stressful. Like ya, it's really fun. But every time I play I never know what to do lol.

  9. Tactics Frenzy has vary hard puzzles! Thx.

  10. I am at 2300 roughly on puzzles but I am hardstuck in 1500… What should I do?

  11. At my rating, I learnt that the "queen and the knight has many different mating positions"

  12. At 12:05 , it's pretty easy to see the "elementary mate" if …Ke8, but …Ke7 is a bit more subtle and requires calculation. There is a branching mate threat (2 different unavoidable checkmates) that result from Ke7 that are simple enough to go through, but I think it is worth making them explicit in the context of this video.

  13. In Puzzle #2, at the end after Kxe5 how can the Black King escape Re1+? I thought blocking with Be3 allows Rf5+? Then if Kd6, Rd5+? And after Re1+ if Kd6, Rook can sac on e6 allowing Qxc6+? What am I missing

  14. The queen the most powerful piece,
    The knight, the most cunning piece

  15. You are so likable. I enjoy watching your videos. Thumbs up from me 👍

  16. 12:05 Error,

    Ke7 Qf7 is clearly not mate (Kd6), but Ke7 Qe5 followed by Qe6 regardless of blacks move is.

  17. I would prefer higher level problems, but also as some others have said, some positional content (perhaps including tactics with positional motifs rather than material) would be great

  18. Awesome, Hikaru is most charismatic/confident. But I feel Daniel really wants to help people, more of a shirt off his back kind of guy. But I am not dissing the greats, I just feel they could learn something from this video. Aloha….. Cheee HOoooo!!!!

  19. I don't understand how queen H2 on the third puzzle isn't the answer…😖

  20. Love this! Do some more at around this rating range.

  21. This is very good, this is gold! Thanks Daniel!

  22. Something I struggle with is identifying when certain strategies have to be applied, and identifying when the strategy is no longer viable and I have to change it. Pawn breaks I also have trouble with. I'm a beginner who just got to 1100.

  23. Loved it! PLEASE, could you go higher and tougher (2400+)? I'm not a very strong player yet (1700 puzzle rating on lichess), but seeing how you tackle really tough problems is immensely instructive.

  24. Just found this channel and I love it ….the only thing I noticed is when you solve the puzzle the moves are played very fast, I would like to see each move along the way. Keep up the good work. And thank you.

  25. An excellent video. I think perhaps you could expand your explanations, though, if you said something about the opponent's responses, too. For example, at 17.15 of the video, in the penultimate problem, in which White plays f7 discovered check and Black immediately plays Kh7 it would have been useful to point out that Black can't play Qg7 blocking the check from White's Queen, because White then plays f8(Q) check and mates next move.

  26. thanks for a good guide to solve puzzels

  27. Great video! I've watched Levy's tactics series a few times now and I honestly think it's made me a better player.

    It's really helpful having someone with a good grasp on chess explain all these different scenarios, and I'm glad to see you offering that as well. Subscribed 👍

  28. 2:48 King doesnt have to move? Rook could just block the check?

  29. 12:50 wait what major analysis error here haha. The first line you say is not only not checkmate but it's just suiciding your queen for nothing.

  30. I love your approach towards life in this monster that doesn't understand billiards. Greatness burns for the humans searching order. I am thankful to witness greatness in any medium. I would enjoy shooting billiards with you.

  31. Thank you Daniel, is what what I should have said.

  32. I hate the ones where you spend an hour looking for checkmate, checks that lead to some good shiz, skewers, pins, sequences of trades where you come out ahead…then eventually the best move is something like moving a prawn one square forward so it doesn't get taken and I'm like "Dude! You can HAVE my fucking prawn if I can just have my time back!"

  33. 9:50 didn't know the prophet is also well versed in CS, respect +

  34. I feel like the puzzle ratings on are a bit inconsistent. My puzzle rating is 1500 and I solve some 2000+ puzzles (like the first one in this video) instantly. And then I miss a lot of 1500 rated puzzles.

  35. Thanks coach I have learned a lot to solve chess puzzle. Thanks And keep safe always!

  36. 9:50 as a computer science major I love this reference! He used the terms perfectly!

  37. When im a 1050 and solved the first puzzle in a few seconds, also solved 90% of these with no help

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