Magnus SOLVES Hardest mate in 2 QUICKLY


  1. Bhai me going to solve this in 1 move

  2. Talking about time pressure to the highest rated bullet chess champion? 💀

  3. Huh ok look rook takes f4 pawn king takes rook f4 rpok f5 and its mate in 2

  4. Where's the mate in 1 if qa8 but black pushes a pawn to f5?

  5. I genuinely don't understand the purpose of queen a8

  6. Hatho ko 2 kadam nichhe lane me kya dikkat hai

  7. The pressure she tries to put on the champ and he just cares for the riddle and not for the time damn seemed like she didn’t expect that answer but ahe could use that on her parents now

  8. He could've solved it in under a minute if she'd just shut the hell up!!!

  9. Why did i think about queen c2 king d4 then Knight f5

  10. Moving pawn and then putting rook at e3 isnt mate?

  11. Nf5 and Re3. Magnus got it wrong. Wouldn't mate in 2


  13. Rook c3 mate in one
    Am i missing something or is that right?

  14. But at second condition knight can be removed by pawn

  15. F3 to e3 and black can only move e4 to d4 and we move e3 to c3 check mate,
    Correct me if I'm wrong

  16. Me who is an indian an founs out befor2 magnus🎉

  17. We can also do rook to e3 then pawn to b5

    Why didnt anyone noticed this?

  18. White Rook at 3h then the black pony on 3f then white bishop on 3f is a check mate

  19. I got this like pawn b4-b5, check, he blocks either with Queen or with rook, no matter, then we go rook f3 to c3 check by the bishop, mate

    Update: that's not mate in 2, that's mate in 3 or in 4 if he blocks with the Queen, I'm a bit stupid 😅😅

  20. What about b5 check, Rc4, then Re3 check mate?

  21. honestly, if i were white, what's the point in trying to mate in 2. It's much easier both on the mind and on the time to just take the queen with the knight, mate will come in a few moves. You certainly will lose less time this way and secure the win.

  22. You can just move the rook over for mate in one

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