Magnus Carlsen Takes the 100 Endgames Test!

On Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, I had the incredible opportunity to film with World Champion Magnus Carlsen in Wijk aan Zee, The Netherlands! I recently completed a nearly 20 hour video course for GM Jesus de la Villa’s 100 Endgames You Must Know, and Magnus agreed to take the 26-question Basic Test in the course. It was a pleasure to sit and chat with the World Champion as he explained his thought process on these endgames problems, described his approach to endgame study, and shared his tremendous insight into the game in general. Enjoy!

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  1. Magnus when he gets an alternative: I know better

  2. Eat your vegetables and train you endgame bitch.

  3. I like how this is supposed to be an ad for their course but carlsen just makes it look stupid

  4. Best way to describe this is like a native English speaker v a nonnative speaker. The native speaker just intuitively knows how to properly form coherent and syntactically proper sentences where as the non native speaker has to use memorized patterns and grammar rules to achieve the same end. Magnus is the native speaker in this scenario. He doesnt need a template from which to operate he merely knows exactly how to operate his language without thinking about it. He doesnt require the memorization of specific "openings", "strategies" or "endgames". He may use them indirectly but he doesn't necessarily set out to do so.

  5. If this is an advertisement then it is a poor one with Magnus being confused!

  6. Short diagonal, long solutions – Magnus Carlsen

  7. It's funny how he introduces himself as" the international master" but when he introduces Magnus just says his name and not the world champion lol

  8. I just got done going through about 80% of the chessable course without the video and I decided to look up this video again (saw it two years ago). As of this moment I have all these positions memorized but I have to say that the written portion of the book absolutely sucks! De La Villa has to be the worst chess author in the world. Great content but the book sucks. I recommend getting the video version of the chessable course if possible.

  9. Literal god. When it comes to chess he is a chibi with all names already entered

  10. Annoying when interviewers try to prove their intelligence or competency the entire time..

  11. Watching this like I know what the heck is going on.

  12. That move at 8:17 ….. Magnus's move of Bc5 is clearly SO much better than what the tutorial suggested. Magnus was right to be completely baffled.

  13. The computer should be embarrassed for playing so poorly

  14. "Short Diagonals, Long Solutions "🤣🤣

    – Magnus Carlsen 8:47

  15. Thumbnail looks like Magnues being interviewed by Daniel Radcliffe

  16. Not that i am anywhere near to beeing a good chess player but Magnus solving these things without knowing the "rules" or whatever you want to call it suggests to me its actually a pretty good lesson. Seems like most of them rely on some underlaying logical principle most beginners would no think about.

  17. 02:20 no, I don't think Magnus knows. He's not so into this game.

  18. If this was a review of the 100 endgames. This is a negative review.

  19. This quiz would be so much less frustrating to do if it just accepted the alternative moves as correct but moved the piece to the space the quiz wanted (or at least say which square it wanted). Watching him try 6 different moves when it's obvious he knows what to do is kinda cringe.

  20. Imagine you were so good at something that when you take a test, the test gets evaluated instead of you.

  21. 0:43 Magnus snapping back into reality when addressed is hilarious it's like he forgot the other guy was even there

  22. I think nowadays, it is better to buy an excellent theory book like Fundamental Chess Endings by Muller, and play 7 piece tablebases, because we can actually test "alternative" move and see how computer would react.

  23. “If you know this, you’ll never forget this”
    What was he talking about?

  24. Wow, how Carlson looks at the camera directly definitely helps make this video way better

  25. "I've actually become a pretty decent defender of rook endings"
    Lmao at "pretty decent".

  26. I love Putin and Rusia they are chess and strategic country ! Fuck Ukraina

  27. John 3:16
    “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

  28. 15:51 "I don't think of key moves, I just think of… resigns" ahahahahahaah

  29. Dear, that chess book by DeVilla, yes, I should admit Carlsen is much better than me. I should learn more. Good luck Champ.

  30. He say there is only one way But I see lot of ways. I'm sure all my other ways are wrong. for an example, on Exercise 19 how does black lose if king goes to g2?

  31. Why does JB always look so dead inside 😂 Like he's constantly having hazing flashbacks from high-school

  32. When you try to use magnus to sell some software but he make the software look bad… still interesting to watch.

  33. At the very end after bringing up his losing game from the past Magnus looked distracted, I think he was running end games through his head where he's improved

  34. 100 endgames gets Carlsen tested. Comes out acceptable with room for improvement

  35. Fantastic video. Great host! You feel comfortable and your extra explanations helps me to understand everything clearly. Love learning Chess and am thankful for videos like this.

  36. Wow, that's actually pretty impressive. He finds the alternative moves some of which were better than the solution moves and actually found improvements on a few of these exercises.

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