Magnus Carlsen Solves HARDEST “MATE in 2” PUZZLE and EXPLAINS the TRICK to Solve Those Puzzles

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  1. my solution was Nc6. If the queen takes it, then the queen takes it back. If it doesn't take the knight, then Te3. It works no?

  2. he said queen a8 accidentally, he meant queen a1, everything else he says after also directly applies to it being queen a1, queen a8 in no way works whereas a1 does. i guess he just misspoke for the number, which makes some sense since half the time you play the board is reversed and the number thats at the bottom is 8

  3. No like because i didnt see the puzzle nor the solution

  4. Wait am i stupid or that is a mate in 1 by moving the rook under queen or king pls somebody tell me

  5. I found knight f5 rook e3, why doesn't that work? I'm not a chess wizard but I thought that was even cleaner than Magnus' solution. Can someone set me straight?

  6. is rook h3 not mate in 1 though?
    king can’t move up because of the rook and knight
    rook covering the bottom file so king can’t move down
    discovered check with a light square bishop
    and to finish it a dark squared bishop for mate in one

    (correct me if I’m wrong, and if this is somehow correct I also solved this In under 2 minutes despite being 500 elo in chess 😂)

  7. I saw the thumbnail and I solved it in mere seconds am I gm

  8. What he found was genius. I found a checkmate in 3. Rook to A3 discovery check. If black moves King to d4, move knight to f5, black can only move to c4 then its mate both b5

  9. I'm beginning to feel like a chess god, chess god

  10. Thought process: "I was just looking at sorts of different moves." Ok, well that's really helpful. Thanks a ton. Kappa

  11. I found the checkmate also. I’m so proud of myself.

  12. Tania's head like wobble wobble wobble

  13. I found another way to solve this puzzle. I've searched far and wide for a comment saying this, but I just didn't find so.
    Nf5 prevents the king from escaping to D4, any other move, even with the queen, can't prevent Re3# to happen. If the queen isn't in D5, it is covered by the bishop. Neither the pawn nor the queen can stop the mate, because both rook and bishop are attacking the King.

  14. What happens if King D4 after Qa8 ?

  15. Knight F5
    Rook E3
    That's 100% mate in two. Only way black can buy one extra moove is black Queen D8 with a check, but Knight takes Queen on D8 then whatever blacks plays, Rook E3 would be mate in 3

  16. He should have solved it, then said the puzzle speaks for itself without explanation, and then walked away awkwardly.

  17. His ans. Is wrong, prove me wrong, he say queen a8 , from this u can't checkmate in 2 moves,,, prove me wrong if any

  18. Its actually a very cool puzzle. Once you can understand it.😅

  19. Well i found a mate in 3 in like 4 minutes
    Nc5+ Rxc5 (Qxc5 bxc5#) bxc5+ Qd4 Re3#

  20. Ok u got it
    Whats all ur thoughts solving this puzzle
    Yeah just different positions and all
    My brain- fuck you bro I m going for walk

  21. U know when Carlson touches his hair he's activating his BRAAAIIINN!!!

  22. How dare u doubt world champion by saying "Are u sure ???". R u kidding me 😅

  23. It's a great puzzle but I think it's possible to escape mate in 2 after Qa8. Try black Qd2. Then if Re3 you can Kd4 to escape. If white Nd6 you can Qd6 to counter. If Nc5 you can still Kd4 to escape.

  24. Is there any way to tell which side white or black is playing from?

  25. that hottie is right besides him and he is seeing chess don't be a simp be a man of culture

  26. Magnus is not a tactical, is a positional player.

  27. His secret is "looking out for all sorts of moves". That really narrows it down.

  28. "this is one of the hardest mate in 2s" yeah and this is Magnus Carlsen

  29. What if white rook at A3 direct?? I.e. rook at most left portion

  30. I knew the solution because I'd seen the puzzle before. It seems that for some people the question is not clear enough. Of course you can just play Nxd5 and then win easily within a couple of moves, almost any way you please, such is White's material advantage. But the question is "Given White to play, what move assures White of mate in just 2 moves?" (There are many different ways to force mate in 3 or more moves). === SPOILERS ===

    Imho the designer of the puzzle deserves as much credit as Magnus. It's ingenious for the following reason: Qa8 is the only correct answer because the black king can't move anywhere without placing itself in check, and both Black pawns are blocked from advancing. Therefore Black must move either its rook or its queen, a kind of "zugzwang". White's Qa8 move means the queen will pin whichever one of these two pieces that doesn't move, to Black's king. Then White simply moves its knight on b7 to either c5 or d6, check(mat)ing the king because the pinned piece can't capture it and the king still can't move. The only exception being Qd4, where the queen covers both of these squares, but then White simply plays Re3#. The fact that the only move guaranteeing a mate in 2 is a kind of "zwischenzug" (another good z-word) is what makes the solution so unexpected, and therefore difficult to find.

  31. The hardest puzzle to solve here is to figure out why the best cameraman in the world is working at chess events.

  32. There was a ridiculous M2 or M3 one where the king moves out of the way of a bishop, after a non-check move (iirc).

  33. Who edited this? Thank you for not showing the puzzle for 2min. That was the point of the video and I wasn't interested in it.

  34. I actually solved it rather quickly too (though didn't timed it).
    I got confused by what Carlsen said initially … perhaps I misheard – Queen (E or A) 8 ?
    but neither makes sense, as no queen can get to e8, and white queen does nothing on a8 … so I forwarded to see the board (w/o listening to them talking)
    for some reason (I guess luck) I noticed that rook can give chess by opening another chess by the bishop, and that the only place for the black king to escape was d4, and then saw that moving the pawn to b5 forces his queen to take that d4 square making that rook-e3 mate.
    But I personally think this puzzle is pointless. White's advantage is such that there's no challenge besides – do it in 2 moves –
    and it's very artificial position …
    Anyway my point is not that I'm very smart (I'm not … at all 🙂 ),
    but that the presentation was terrible! 😉

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