Magnus Carlsen Solves Chess Puzzles and Fights Against the Time

Download Tactics Frenzy on the App Store:

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The new Tactics Frenzy version is available in the App Store! It features the new timed mode, where you’re fighting against the clock to finish as many puzzles as possible. Can you beat Magnus’ score? Let us know in the comments!

Key Features:
*Choose Whether You Want Easy, Medium or Hard Puzzles
*One-Click Feature To Review Any Mistakes
*Compete for Monthly Prizes on the Leaderboards

In the video, Magnus plays an alpha mode in which the feature of losing ten seconds per failed puzzle was (mistakenly) not yet added.


Solve millions of unique, entertaining and high-quality chess puzzles. Start competing for prizes in the monthly highscore lists.

Tactics Frenzy has been developed by the world champion Magnus Carlsen, WGM Olga Dolzhikova, GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, GM Aryan Tari, and IM Sebastian Mihajlov.

The computer-generated puzzles have been created by the first author of StockFish (the world’s best chess engine) Tord Romstad and chess puzzle developer Martin Bennedik. Human-generated puzzles are also thrown into the mix, all approved by our team of Chess Experts.

Follow the development of Tactics Frenzy on Magnus Carlsen’s YouTube channel and be an active part of the community. Tell us what you would like to see next.


  1. Hammer sounds like a different person in english.

  2. out of topic but the letter m behind him makes him look like he has cat ears haha

  3. diosss que pedazo de enfermo loco mirá como resuelve todo en segundos, es pibe increíble

  4. I just cannot watch this and not notice the cat ears man

  5. You cant say "too difficult for me" when your the best player

  6. Carlsen lining up perfectly in the thumbnail and having cat ears

  7. I was still trying to grasp the entire board and Magnus was casually saying: "Obviously" and moved on the next one.Yep magnus obviously 🤣

  8. I paid for the app and noticed that once i pay for it, the pieces are bigger. The puzzles are different than any puzzle trainer I've found

  9. This guy is good maybe he can beat Hikaru he should take part in tournament

  10. the logo behind him makes him look like a cat

  11. "Nothing is random in life" I didn't know that Magnus is a philosopher too.

  12. Title change:"Magnus Carlson with Cat Ears playing puzzles against time"

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