Magnus Carlsen Solves Chess Puzzles and Fights Against the Time

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The new Tactics Frenzy version is available in the App Store! It features the new timed mode, where you’re fighting against the clock to finish as many puzzles as possible. Can you beat Magnus’ score? Let us know in the comments!

Key Features:
*Choose Whether You Want Easy, Medium or Hard Puzzles
*One-Click Feature To Review Any Mistakes
*Compete for Monthly Prizes on the Leaderboards

In the video, Magnus plays an alpha mode in which the feature of losing ten seconds per failed puzzle was (mistakenly) not yet added.


Solve millions of unique, entertaining and high-quality chess puzzles. Start competing for prizes in the monthly highscore lists.

Tactics Frenzy has been developed by the world champion Magnus Carlsen, WGM Olga Dolzhikova, GM Jan Gustafsson, GM Jon Ludvig Hammer, GM Aryan Tari, and IM Sebastian Mihajlov.

The computer-generated puzzles have been created by the first author of StockFish (the world’s best chess engine) Tord Romstad and chess puzzle developer Martin Bennedik. Human-generated puzzles are also thrown into the mix, all approved by our team of Chess Experts.

Follow the development of Tactics Frenzy on Magnus Carlsen’s YouTube channel and be an active part of the community. Tell us what you would like to see next.


  1. He solves it before , i search the black's king !

  2. This looks like candy crush game to me 🍬🔨

  3. Can anyone explain the first puzzle to me? It seems like he just lost a queen for no reason. How is it a stale mate when it'll be checkmate after the black queen can just go down and pretty much checkmate it after that turn?

  4. I watch this videos with .75 speed so I know what is going, Magnus mind is so fast

  5. Exactly like my speed but my answers are wrong answers 😅

  6. Me: spends 20 minutes looking at a 1700 rated puzzle only to make the wrong move

    Magnus: glances at a 3000 rated one for a split second “oh that’s easy click click”

  7. This guy is good, he shoud fight for the champion title or something …

  8. when I solve these puzzles I have to think a lot for each move and he sees everithing in his head and he looks like is improvising but he really know what to do with 1 or 2 seconds of thinking

  9. The logo makes it look like he has cat ears and I love it haha.

  10. 3:39 "You're white, you're white" Well that's obvious 😂😂😂

  11. Magnus: "Obviously"
    Me: (*sips water) "Obviously"

  12. I feel bad for misjudging Magnus. When I started following Chess I thought he looked arrogant, when he's actually very humble and really cool.

  13. "Random, nothing is random in life,
    Fischer random"
    -Magnus Carlsen, world chess champion

  14. I don’t even know the goal of the 1st puzzle and he’s already on the 5th one

  15. In the puzzle number five there is a wrong move inside the machine ! The best move is kd7 to escape for black

  16. The thing behind him makes him look like he has bunny ears.

  17. It's just amazing how fast he's doing these.

  18. If you liked this, you should watch Grischuk solving it.

  19. Trouble is that, but for the mate-in-1's, I can't even start to assess how difficult the puzzles are. So I can't really appreciate what he is doing.

  20. Qc5, "this is stalemate." Yeah, took me about 5 mins to figure that out…

  21. u watch all his videos seriously and one day u beat him online . he calls u nd tells – " come . u own my channel . " 😄

  22. WTF!!! Does it take him half a millisecond to see the entire board??


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