Is This Cheating?

Is This Cheating?

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  1. Without watching the Solution of the first puzzle only the first 20 seconds, „you habe to know blacks last move“ that is quite a big hint, obviously it has to be a en passant, and the only possible en Passant i see here is with the pawn on d5

  2. Umh I got all instantly.. I'm rated 1100

  3. It was so easy
    Try something new😂😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  4. Who else feels like magnus carlsen every time they solve these chess puzzles💀

  5. How do you even get to that position with black in the third one💀💀💀

  6. "Think about the last move made by black"

  7. Thanks soo much Bro I solved 5/6 its soo usefull ❣

  8. Shindingzzz Bahamas Party Rentals & Events says:

    I thought i was so good when he said u might acuse me of cheating and i found it than he said how to not mate😂😂😂😂

  9. I managed the first puzzle because I immediately noticed the bishop that would have checkmated if the pawn wasn't there, so I thought of en passant as the only possible solution.

  10. What about queen to f6 In the first position

  11. after watching all of ur vids, ik u want to trick us and I firstly said En Passant

  12. I got every one of them correct except the first, thats because ive seen it before so it doesnt count 😊😊😊😊😊

  13. Yes! Please post more mate in 1 content! Love it!

  14. found them all instantly! i improved from last video

  15. Wow, solved all of them. Ig I’m not too bad after all.

  16. Isn't QF6 for the no.1 puzzle is also checkmate? And with not knowing black's last move

  17. 1st puzzle: another checkmate is qf6😂

  18. And on the last one it’s not checkmate. The king can still move to f7

  19. I found all the checkmates in 1 move, because 1) I saw some of them in other videos, and 2) I know that the checkmate is not what you think it is.

  20. 1: dxe6#
    2: Qb3#
    3: Rc6+
    4: Nc3#
    6: g8=N#

  21. bro just why he doesnt move the queen to F6 in the first problem
    edit: im sorry i just noticed king can just take the knight and its not checkmate

  22. Rook kills bishop queen cover check rook ate queen

  23. Bishop takes E5 The king can’t move backward because of the knight and the bishop covers the diagonal a perfect checkmate

  24. The start of the it to checkmate is queen to F6. Only if it’s white’s turn.

  25. The first example had another solution and it is Qf6.

  26. Love your vids. I've certainly improved since the last M1 vid. I got 4/6 ♟♥

  27. 1. The first one, queen to f6 might work theres a rook on f2

  28. Just found out in 1 sec en passant or should I say en croissant

  29. The 3rd one can't he just move the white king to f7 or g7 like

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