Instructive King And Pawn Endgame ♔ Cool Chess Puzzles ♙ Improve Your Chess ♔

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In this video, you have to find the only move that wins the game for white. It is not easy, so try to calculate as deeply as possible. Be sure to subscribe for more chess content!
FEN – 8/8/5k2/8/p7/8/1PK5/8 w – – 0 1


  1. I get this.But does your logic still work if white moves pawn to B3 instead of B4? Also isn't Pawn to B3 invitation for En Pasant? (Edit: if pawn go's to B3, King can't move to B3 or B2…so Black has plenty of time because White King has to go to B2 then A2 to get to pawn. So that idea of mine won't work. My second question stands; En Pasant?)

  2. the white king should go to under pass instead of over pass

  3. Interesting where you found this one. It's actually part of the Dutch Stappenmethode, in Stap 5's page on pawn endgames. Pretty sure it's the final diagram also, as like a punchline to go out with. I reckon it's just a known study so genuinely interested. Despite incredibly limited material, very instructive in terms of key squares and rook pawns; keep the options open if you can.

  4. Best endgame puzzle in terms of both difficulty and practicality!

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