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In this video, I show an instructive endgame puzzle where only one move wins. It takes some calculation, but the idea becomes clear the deeper you look in the position.
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FEN – 3k4/2pBp3/2P1P3/8/8/3K4/8/8 w – – 0 1


  1. Bc8,- If Ke8, Kc4, if Kd8, Bb7, Ke8, Kb5, Kf8, Ka6, Kg7, Bc8 and white wins, if Kf8, Kb5, and white wins;- If Kxc8, Ke4, if Kb8, Kf5, Ka7, Kg6, Kb6, Kf7 and white wins, if Kd8, Kf5, Ke8, Kg6, Kf8, Kh7, Ke8, Kg7 or Kg8, Kd8, Kf7 or Kf8, Kc8, Kxe7 and white wins.

  2. Good one. I was wondering how could this position be reached in a real game and didnt seem to find a way because when you think about it it must have been blacks move in the starting postition.

  3. Very instructive. Like this one very much. I'll show my students that when it comes to opposition again. Thx

  4. Wait but what if black tries to take your pawns instead of trying to block?

  5. I solved it intuitively because of the horizontal assymetry of the blockaded pawns, making me see the H file as the solution!

  6. This was such an interesting and unique puzzle thanks for explaining us 😀

  7. The bishop sacrifice creates one extra move for white which is critical for the win. Very nice puzzle!

  8. A while back I watched a pawn endgame video where the presenter said the A, C, F, and H files are basically draws and B, D, E, and G files are wins. I quickly realized you want to force the opposing King to the C file, allowing you access to the E file.

  9. 1. Bc8 Ke8 2. Kc4 Kd8 3. Bb7 Ke8 4. Kb5 Kd8 5. Ka6 Ke8 6. Bc8 Kd8 7. Kb7 Ke8 8. Kxc7 Kf8 9. Kd7 Kg7 10. Kxe7 Kg6 11. c7 Kf5 12. Ba6 Ke4 13. c8=Q Ke3 14. Kf6 Kd2 15. e7 Ke1 16. e8=Q+ Kf2 17. Qh3 Kg1 18. Qe1#


    1. Bc8 Kxc8 2. Ke4 Kd8 3. Kf5 Ke8 4. Kg6 Kf8 5. Kh7 Ke8 6. Kg7 Kd8 7. Kf7 Kc8 8. Kxe7 Kb8 9. Kd7 Ka7 10. Kxc7 Ka6 11. e7 Ka5 12. e8=Q Ka4 13. Qb8 Ka3 14. Qb1 Ka4 15. Qb2 Ka5 16. Qb3 Ka6 17. Qa4#

  10. So the description of "what if black goes to the b-file instead of chasing you" got dropped in favor of describing Opposition if white plays 2. Kd4??; but let's have a look at what happens if black tries to attack instead of defending.

    1. Bc8! Kxc8 2. Ke4 Kb8
    The chase is on.
    3. Kf5 Ka7 4. Kg6 Kb6
    Black will capture first…!
    5. Kf7 Kxc6 6. Kxe7
    And black can resign, as white's next moves (Kf7 -> e7 -> e8=Q) cannot be stopped.

  11. Stockfish doesn’t want black to take bishop

  12. 6:57
    there is another move
    white king e4, black king b8
    f5, a7
    g6, b6
    f7, c6
    e7, d5


    then the white pawn will promote faster and win the game

  13. I dont play chess but its really satisfying to see how these tricks work

  14. Him in vid a wonderful puzzle him in thumbnail it's stalemate

  15. I find your puzzles instructive. Thank you for your work.

  16. This puzzle is ez lol, i solved it in 40- seconds :v

  17. Look at "Pawn Endings" by Averbakh and Maizelis. The chapter on "Corresponding Squares" is awesome.

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