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  1. If rook were to kill the pawn at b4 he can kill the pawn that is promoting to queen

  2. 🗿 if the last moment someone accidentally promoted a knight
    Depression my army die for nothing

  3. what if rook b7 taking the pawn that is about to promote instead of c4 (black)

  4. It doesn't work he can just take the promoting pawnwhen you nlocck

  5. Instead of taking the last pawn on F4, I could move my rook up to F6 and then checkmate

  6. Can't the white rook on the h file just take h3? Wouldn't that prevent checkmate?

  7. Legend says even magnus Carlson cant keep both of his center pawns

  8. Btw if they play Ra6 you play Kh7 and it’s nope

  9. After taking b4 pawn why black rook cannot take the pawn that is about to promote?

  10. After b4 he could just take our queen Pawn b7 or no?

    How did white's dark coloured bishop from c1 move out?

  12. A very common position I only hope I can remember this

  13. How tf did the white king go all the way over there??
    Is this the new king's gambit?

  14. why not instead of Rxb4, Ra6 happens, then isnt mate inevitable?

  15. after taking b4 he can take b7 to stop b7 promotion

  16. did knight kill all the bishop or something

  17. Why wouldnt he just take the pawn mid way through

  18. How would anyone get to this position it’s so unlikely lol

    Puzzles are weird sometimes

  19. What if the rook goes to a6? You can't stop mate

  20. Why did the black rook toke the c4 pawn instead of taking b7 pawn who was going to be promoted to the queen

  21. What if black plays b7 and takes our pawn when we tried to play c4 ?

  22. Why cant the rook just take the pawn when u moved the pawn to c4 there is nothing stopping it right?

  23. If “doing the most” was a chess puzzle

  24. Why wouldn’t the rook take b7 pawn after the first block…after the sacrifice there’s no reason to rush checkmate

  25. you don't know your fans, I'll blunder my queen in a couple of moves🔥

  26. Why can't the rook just take the pawn at b7?

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