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  1. What if the rook of the opponent goes to a6 🤔

  2. All of those potential queens gone, I’ll never get a position like that unless playing martin

  3. Bro sacrificed an entire pawn arsenal for a queen

  4. what if black takes all your pawns except f4 and nstead black goes back to b4

  5. This is what makes chess such an amazing game

  6. Why would he take c4 and not b7? I guess i don't understand the logic here?

  7. Constantly find myself in the position, thanks!

  8. What would happen if the rook(rook is at b4 took the pawn which is about to queen instead of the c4 pawn

  9. What if the rook doesn't take the pawn c4 and go for the pawn b7. Then b8 Checkmate, he doesn't need to get all the pawns, or did I noticed something wrong

  10. Btw the position showed is not proper because all pawn were on 2 rank

  11. I haven’t played chess in a while but why would he take the advanced pawn when we had the chance?

  12. After c4 what if he just takes the passed pawn?

  13. Me naw i dont want the rook i want check mate

  14. Rook capture b4 pawn and then captures the pawn that is queening! (On 7th row!). Isn't that a loss for white who just lost a rook and two pawns

  15. Bro It looks like the puzzle was made by a f***king priest 💀

  16. This guy got the king out withoit moving the pawn or castling but still he has managed to win if not distracted

  17. Why can't rook takes on b7 after it took b4

  18. This is the first of his insane puzzles I actually figured out. The trick is to look for an insane solution.

  19. Фигня – после взятия первой пешки, идёт взятие проходной и не будет ферзя в итоге

  20. black rook goes to 6th rank left the chat 💀

  21. What if he takes b7 rather than c4?

  22. When the rook comes to. The file of the pawn where the pawn threatening to make queen it will just take it

  23. After white plays c4, why can‘t black just play Rxb7?

  24. me when my bishop gets sniped without the pawns being moves

  25. Lol who made this masterpiece? I mean the music. The video is obviously a masterpiece

  26. What if rb6 after c4 by white? Whatever whites plays rh6 mate?

  27. Then Qf4, immediately blundering the Queen 🤌

  28. How did you not move the center pawns!?😂😂😂

  29. Stopping a5 okay, who stops black rook to move a6?

  30. Why always sacrifice , your all videos based on sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice….

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