INCREDIBLE Chess Logic Puzzle ♚ Where Is The Pawn? ♚ Retrograde Puzzles

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In this video, the goal is to figure out where to put the pawn between f2 and g2. To do this, one must figure out where the pieces were captured and how the current pawn structure came about. If you want to see more retrograde puzzles, let me know! Be sure to subscribe for more chess content!
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Sample game to get there (not the most efficient):
1. Nc3 Nf6 2. Ne4 h5 3. Nd6+ exd6 4. Rb1 Be7 5. Ra1 Nd5 6. Rb1 Bf6 7. Nf3 Nc3 8.
dxc3 Qe7 9. Be3 Nc6 10. Bc5 dxc5 11. Qd4 Ne5 12. Qb4 cxb4 13. Rd1 Qd6 14. Rd5
Qe6 15. Ra5 Qd6 16. Ra3 bxa3 17. Nd2 Nc4 18. Nb3 Qb4 19. Nd4 Qc5 20. Nc6 dxc6
21. Kd1 Be6 22. Kc1 Nb6 23. Kb1 Bb3 24. cxb3 Na4 25. bxa4 Qe5 26. Kc2 Rd8 27.
Kb1 Rd3 28. exd3 Qg5 29. Be2 h4 30. Bf3 h3 31. Bd5 hxg2 32. Bc4 g1=N 33. Ba6
bxa6 34. Kc2 Nf3 35. Re1+ Ne5 36. Re4 Be7 37. Rb4 Bd6 38. Rb6 cxb6 39. h4 Nd7
40. h5 Nf6 41. h6 Ng8 42. h7 Bb4 43. cxb4 Qf4 44. hxg8=N Qg5 45. Nh6 Qg6 46. Ng4
Qe6 47. Ne3 Qd5 48. Kd2 Qe5 49. Nc2 Qf5 50. Nd4 Qh5 51. Ke1 Qh4 52. Nb5 cxb5 53.
Kd2 Qd4 54. Ke1 Qc4 55. dxc4 O-O


  1. Why cant the white f2 pawn make 4 captures to get to b6, and get captired by the pawn coming from c7?Why is that promotion nessesary?EDIT:4:46 oh, now I see it. Because the other White pawns have already made 6 captures, we can't add 4 more, because Black could not have lost 10 pieces – Black has 9/16 pieces on the board.

  2. A lot of chess puzzles are not based on logical chess games. For exemple. It is impossible yo have 3 white pawns on A2, A3 and B2. But chess puzzles have no logic.

  3. Pawn doasnt need to promote to get captured

  4. This is a real Sherlock puzzle. But why must the black H-pawn have captured something? Isn't it possible that he was captured by a white knight? I'm not quite sure about the solution yet. But I am working on it. That is fun. Thank you for this great puzzle. 🤯🧐

  5. it all went over my head but it was fun to try to comprehend. thanks for the video!

  6. Nice puzzle
    I couldnt have calculated this by myself. Really nice solution too.

  7. in this puzzle are we assuming that the pieces didn't capture a pawn/piece for the entire game because if they could then the pawn could be in either place. IDK if you mentioned that but it wasn't in the intro for the puzzle

  8. Black needs minimum 8 captures for its pawn formation. As no white pawn can be a captured for this purpose this means that all white major and minor pieces and one pawn promotion is needed. Without disturbing castling only way this could happen with minimum captures is white's h pawn promotion with a g8 cature. This means that white needs 7 captures all together (6 for its pawn formation and one at the g8). This deduces that black also needs a pawn promotion. Therefore instead of allowing h pawn to be captured it needs to be promoted. Only way that can happen is black making a capture of white's g pawn ( remember all other pieces are needed for other captures). This means that whites pawn should be in f file.

  9. Another way to figure out the final step, afaik, is not only the g2 pawn would be in the way but it would also imply a white piece was sacrificed along the g-file, which is impossible because all 7 white pieces + the promoted h-pawn were necessary for the 8 pawn captures by black on the queenside to happen

  10. This is a weird puzzle. A study in "what would happen if neither player was trying to win the game"

  11. Based on the past few videos, I think that I can predict that the next upcoming videos that are coming out are called: where is the knight in this position, where is the bishop in this position, where is the king in this position, and where is the rook in this position?

  12. When you do these can you show the whole game that lead up to it after?

  13. Brilliant puzzle.
    Thanks for the explanation.

  14. Nice video but i dont understand how all the backranks got destroyed by pawns😐

  15. How do we know White under promoted on g8? It would not be check if there was a piece on f8. Likewise, the check could be blocked if Black could move something to f8.

  16. Just one point – it wasn't made clear why Black needed to still have castling rights. As far as I can tell, this is to exclude the possibility that the Rook on h8 is a promoted pawn.

  17. Another point, it was claimed that White must have under-promoted to avoid check. This isn't so, as there could have been a piece interposing. Neither is it necessary.

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