Impress Your Parents With This Crazy Chess Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
8/7N/3q4/3P1K1b/8/7k/R7/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
Mitrofanov and Khortov
1/3 Prizes, Armenian Anniversary Tourney, 1979

The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. Who should we impress with the next puzzle?

  2. rook a3 is draw tho right?
    (after knight g5)

  3. Also its a draw Kg5+ Kingh4 Rh2+ kingg3 Ke4+ King x h2 and Kxd5

  4. Finally, people wont think Im Still a failure

  5. if u simply just rook h2 after first move queen takes and knight forks king and queen and its draw if king goes g 3 its win for white

  6. Me : dad, mom, look. I found a chess puzzle that would amaze you.
    Dad, mom : son, what just amaze us is when you finally got a job.

  7. This puzzle didn’t impress my parents, and not did it impress me. This is a much more simple draw:

    1. Ng5+ Kh4
    2. Rh2+ Qxh2
    3. Nf3+

    1. Ng5+ Kh4
    2. Rh2+ Kg3
    3. Ne4+

    Both of these win the queen for the rook, and therefore both lead to a knight + pawn vs bishop endgame, which will either lead to a draw or a win for white.

  8. What an awesome cool video, mate. Chess Vibes. Do you like the chess puzzle I sent you.

  9. I'm sorry, but my parents couldn't care less about chess. 😔

  10. 1:00 If he went rh2 he would have sacrificed the rook but probobly won the game

  11. Guys, check if your solutions are actually correct before saying puzzles are dumb

  12. Very nice study :). Worth pointing out that on Qc1+, the king can't go up to f5 because of Qc8+ adn this time the trick doesn't work (Ke5 Kxg4! and thre s no frk because the queen is on c8, not d7). so on Qc1+ the king has to go down to f3, allowing Qd1+ Ke3! with the theme echoed).

  13. After white moves knight and black king moves to avoid the fork, why not move rook to H2? If queen takes rook, knight forks the queen with check. If king moves to G3, again knight forks the queen with check.

  14. ? What is the move at Time=3:41 IS Knight forking the K/Q for the Win !

  15. I'm amazed, but I actually found all 4 moves, although 3rd one looked little odd to me 😅

  16. Very nice puzzle but not to hard. I very much enjoy the puzzles you show on this channel and would like to share one that I found. A 12 move endgame study which first made an appearance in a soviet magazine in 1953. I will leave the FEN below if you want to give it a try or if you really enjoy it maybe feature it in a later video. White to play and win:
    K5b1/P2p4/7P/1R1P3B/k7/6q1/1P6/8 w – – 0 1

  17. I played against Martin with the thumbnail and drawn by repetition

  18. Can you beat stockfish with the following rule:
    As a move, your knight can capture any pawn. If you do so, take that knight off the board after the capture.

  19. 5:25 There's one last try: If 10. Kxg4 (anyway) 11. Nf2+ Kf5 12. Nxd1 Ke5 13. Nc3 protects the pawn just in time.

  20. a good way to stop a huge threat is to create a huger threat

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