Impress Strangers With This Chess Endgame Puzzle

How to checkmate with a knight and bishop:

Puzzle FEN:
8/8/7K/2k1N3/1pp5/7B/8/8 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
V. Krotov, 1979

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The chess set behind me:
The Pieces:
The Board:

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  1. What step am I missing in order to bring my puzzle knowledge to games? I get the puzzles when I see them, however I never play in a fashion that would get me a win, or at least something as easily solvable by myself when I actually play

  2. रामा देवी says:

    Pin me pls I am third

  3. When the stranger doesnt know how to play chess …🙃

  4. I jumped off my chair when I realised Na2+ was checkmate lol

  5. I have a weird reccomendations : give martin 2 kings and checkmate both of his piece at the same time, for ex : if 1st king is in checkmate but 2nd king is not, then its not a win (you cannot take the king)

  6. I immediately thought of the opposition of the kings so the black king is trapped. Ironic that both pawns were a move befofe becomings queens, but black still lost… Chess is impressive

  7. Lol, I’ve seen the move and then started looking for: “ok, then what? Black can go…. Wait a minute” hahah

  8. This is cool puzzle.
    Black King c8 and black pawn a7
    White pawn h2 and h3

    Where white King must to be if white want to win to game? Only 9 squares is win and rest squares got only draw or lose.

  9. 'Impress strangers with this"
    Strangers: "this horse looks cute …what is a bishop?"

  10. damn I missed that mate I said knight the opposite side

  11. How about bishop e6 after pawn c3 then bishop b3 and just eat the pawn using the king and knights?

  12. Also that is a perfect checkmate. Every square is covered once.

  13. I saw Na2 but didn't realize it was checkmate, I just wanted to buy another turn to bring the king or bishop over

  14. Hi great Stuff 👍 Is there a logical approach to solve chess puzzles or problems? I wonder if there is a formula or some kind of step by step methodology. If so can you do a video about it? Thanks and greetings from Germany

  15. 0:10…gotta bring the king in, right?? Doesn't make sense to either move knight or bishop, you need to keep them both on the board while preventing pawn queenings. I would think Kg5 would be best. 🤔🤔 (Edit: I thought so.)

    1:56…silly me thought of Bf1+ first, but that's an ineffective check because it doesn't dislodge the defender of the Black pawns (the king). Let's see…maybe Be6+?? 🤔🤔 (Edit: correct, but I'm gonna call this a miss on my part because of my first thought that was incorrect.)

    3:10…this one's easy, Be6+. 😁😁

    3:23…uh-huh. 🤔🤔 I feel there's something amiss if you swipe the b-pawn…I say Ke3. (Edit after 4:23: you almost had me there, Nelson, not gonna lie. 😁😁)

    4:45…Na2+ is my call…WAIT A MINUTE!!!! That's a CHECKMATE…!!!! 🤣🤣

  16. I am saying this again solve the entire puzzle with telling all the moves or not solve at all you continuously pause after each move take chess talk best youtuber of puzzle solving

  17. I guessed that Na2 was the best move at that point, but didn't immediately realize it as checkmate.

  18. Cool Video,
    But are there players who could see these moves in a real game??

  19. Thank you for this video! I am CONSTANTLY finding myself in this position, and now I know how to checkmate with Bishop and Knight! Just let black have two connected pawns on the second rank!

  20. Hey Chess Vibes, thanks for all the great content. Any chance you could make a video related to Correspondence Chess? I've learned to play chess in those slow games and struggling to transition to playing on the clock. I thought my 2000ish rating was good, but do correspondence ratings even matter? There's close to zero info on YT about this. Cheers mate.

  21. 'impress strangers'
    because i go around showing people chess puzzles

  22. Edit: i was kinda correct
    Cant you play bishop to f5 stopping the left pawn and use the horse and king to stop the other?

  23. You know the puzzle is hard when the easy part is the knight and bishop checkmate

  24. That mate was so amazing, that caught me out guard

  25. I wasn't ready for that ending😂😂

  26. What if instead of pushing the pawn, black played either Kb2 or Kb4?

  27. The Waffle House Has Found Its New Host

  28. When I said Knight a2… I wasn't expecting to win the game 💀💀💀💀

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