IMPOSSIBLE mate in 1?

Chess problem requiring an out of the box solution…

Do you see the mate in 1!?

Chess legend has this puzzle as a mate in 1, at first glance it looks good for white, with the threat of promotion,
but whatever he promotes the pawn to can be captured by the black king, simultaneously escaping the rook check…

However, at one point the rules didn’t specify that the piece you are promoting to has to be your own colour, leading to the astonishing promotion of the pawn on b8 to a black knight, which deprives the black king of it’s escape square
as it can’t capture its own piece… it’s checkmate in one.

Now unfortunately, it is illegal to promote to an enemy piece, making this mate in 1 impossible.

Funny chess puzzle, chess meme, eric rosen vs hikaru nakamura agadmator vs gotham chess.
Oh no my queen.



  1. Behenchod white piece black piece mein kaise badla

  2. Comment: no its mate in 4
    Mate in 4 Process: ♙a7 ♙b7x♜a8 a7=♕+ ♚a8x♕a8 ♚b8 ♔b6 ♚a8 ♖c8 #
    ♖ = White Rook
    ♔ = White King
    ♕ = White Queen
    ♙ = White Pawn
    ♜ = Black Rook
    ♚ = Black King
    # = Checkmate
    + = Check

  3. Pb1 takes Rook, then king have to take pawn (it doesnt matter promote) then Kb6 the only move for black is Kb8 then easly mate with rook (tell me if i do something wrong)

  4. Not impossible if pawn is reborn as a Queen the black King is pinned. If black tries to eat the queen it opens a check for white

  5. Still, you can’t work with the other colour on your move that’s just wrong and the rules did specify that you cannot move the other colour and you did you literally turned your white pawn into a black knight that’s why there is no option for it sorry this is incorrect

  6. I hate the no solution, but very good idea for a video. Love it and hate it.

  7. Nah is easy just prome to king and is a checkmate for black


  9. The missed win stockfish engine talked about

  10. Nah I found another mate so much simpler
    First you have to put the chicken nuggets on the plate
    The kid will come down
    Now get the dog some water
    The dog will dribble the water everywhere onto the floor which will make the kid slip as he goes for his chicken nuggets
    As he slips he bumps into the king and knocks him over
    And that is checkmate

  11. A fr mate would be go but make it a white queen

  12. Pawn can convert into a knight and it's a checkmate

  13. Plot twist: black king is riding the horse and getting away.

  14. @Greatname be like: chatgpt promotes like wrong color knight

  15. heres the thing that is an illegal move as the pawn you promote must be yours

  16. My dumb ass pausing the vid to think of every legal move looking for a mate.

  17. Pawn to b8 promotes to a knight 'CHECKMATE'

  18. Just take and queen it dies but you can still kill the queen but you can still win.

  19. LMAOOO!!!Imagine the guy that found that loophole in the rules, and the midevil saltiness that occurred after.


  21. M in 4 is possible but M in 1 nahh keep dreamin…

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