How to Solve Every Chess Puzzle

This is the 7-step method we will be using in this video to solve every chess problem that comes your way:

0- Pre-Existing Conditions to the Position
1- Main idea
2- Candidate Moves (Rapid Fire Brainstorm)
-filter until you find…
3- Find the Move
4- Calculate Main Variations
5- Find and Anticipate a Opponent’s Resource
6- Full Solution!

1st – I will practice doing a tough chess problem for the first time live during the recording of this video doing the method step by step and showing you my thought process

2nd – I will put YOU to the test with another chess problem of which it will be your duty to solve this one step by step alongside me answering the steps as we go through

You can use this method for any chess problem difficulty, large or small. I feel like this long method is especially good for a difficult chess puzzle!

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  1. I forgot to mention a tip for finding Candidate Moves: Try looking for checks, captures and threats!

  2. Can't wait for this epic video💯💯💯🔥

  3. Personally I just click puzzles again if I don’t know how to do it and I never get them wrong 😭

  4. Really informative tips; I am curious what level this puzzle is! I am amazed how long it takes to solved a puzzle like this, if it were me, I would make so much blunders and my head’s gonna explode lol😂

  5. Cause some of your post were 🔥and my 80's dreams are long dead I gave you like.

  6. that's a great method, thank you! however, i wouldn't write down the steps or my calculations because it's forbidden to take notes during tournaments. also which book is that puzzle from?

  7. 14:09 Black is up a pawn, which you missed😅. I solved Nxf2 after some 3-4 minutes of thought but I calculated ng3+ wayy too much taking time. Fun video!

  8. this video isn't make for someone who are 300 elo

  9. It took me several years to get to my current puzzle rating…wish there were videos out there like this one to help me earlier. Great video as always!

  10. I'm over 1100 rated on puzzles and like 200 on blitz lol by looking for checks, captures and attacks

  11. I saw the bishop move in like 15sec I'm actually pretty impressed, but I didn't really understand why it just came naturally, I just thought about cutting the bishop from the defense of back rank mate and then when I calculated the variations they all made sense too! Watching Andrew Tang daily really helped me calculate a lot faster!

  12. What book is this from? Does not look like the woodpecker method

  13. currently 2000 in puzzles, hopefully this will boost it!

  14. Good video bro I really love it I learnt so much thanks ❤️

  15. zach can you make a reti gambit video please

  16. Love your videos 🙏🏼. You’ve greatly improved my knowledge of the game

  17. at 8:10 before taking the queen with the knight i think i calculated a variation that you maybe didn't see, before taking the queen you could go queen h4 and if they go g2 you just take the queen and keep the knight, if they go f1 queen takes h3 and if they go g1 you could take the queen with check and allows you to trade the knight for the bishop and queen vs rook is winning for black, if after h3 they go e1 you just take the queen and you took an extra pawn for nothing

    (feel free to correct me if im wrong, im only 1000 rated so they might be a variation i didn't calculate)

  18. This is awesome..a masterclass in puzzle solving. Great resource to have and practice. Thanks so much 👍

  19. Bro i think you will look better with a beard

  20. Surprisingly the puzzle given to us was much easier than the Caruana-Giri one lol. It’s all about reverse-engineering the entire process after seeing “ok if Re1 then white thinks Bf1 saves the day. Can I do something to prevent that from happening? Block the queen from defending the bishop? Hmm doesn’t work. What about stopping the bishop? An interesting line initially would be Re1 Bf1 and then Bd3?? Nah just Rxd3 and the rooks defend each other…wait a second, can I start with Bd3? Holy hell, I think that’s the answer, mate is threatened, the rooks are disconnected, yo we got em”

  21. W EDITING AND CLEARRRRR. normally for newer players, most of their puzzles will have checks or forks or skewers. U wanna look for checks at start

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