How To Solve Chess Tactics/Puzzles/Problems (with 48 examples)

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  1. what is the survival record, i think its around 150 ? i only got 61 and trying to get 70

  2. 6:05 at puzzle #12 there's Kxf4 after Qg7+, no? unless there's something that my dumbass 800 elo brain is missing…

  3. Nice video, hope that I win my chess tournament!

  4. 53:08 I actually instantly found the solution. First we threaten mate. The queen checks. We shield our king. It is essential that we must be able to create a battery afterwards. Rook defends mate and then we make the battery and checkmate is unstoppable

  5. I love the 2504-rated puzzle that you got wrong first. It has parts to it, and every idea is a foundation to a more advanced concept.

  6. I was gonna watch the whole video, but 15 minutes in I realised it’s a one hour long video… and I’m already 2747 rated in puzzles…

  7. In puzzle 2504, why not
    1. Qh3


  8. I suck at this it seems. But in puzzle 14, why did white sacrifice the queen, when he could just protect the position with rook to F2?

  9. bro just go out of the patzer prison

  10. This logo and YouTube channel name would make great shirts. Doesn't scream corny and looks amazing. Not sure how much money this idea brings in but I'd actually buy merchandise ( a shirt or hat) with the logo on it. Name wouldn't even make it seem corny because the word vibes makes it seem chill. Food for thought

  11. I am losing interest in chess what to do my Chess compition is coming I have registered for it

  12. Solved the 2504 one after you suggested Rf6 block, it wasn't something I was considering at first but then it made me look at the Qh3 idea more. Was rooting that you'd find the finish.

    Edit: Came back after running errands and just finished the video. The 2nd to last puzzle was really rough, like I think it is fair that part of the puzzle is being able to evaluate a complex position or an endgame but I don't think most people who are 2600 on puzzles would have any idea that black is better in the resulting position. The last one I started to think oh know as soon as you said the rook check was impossible.

  13. Following a methodology like you're doing helped me reach the 2000+ rated puzzles and helped me find general tactics.
    -Obvious captures
    -Revealed attacks
    -Anything else/positional improvement
    It sounds kinda dumb, but going through the list when I get stuck helps me find tactics I might have missed.

  14. searching up tactics found this video just posted

  15. I think you didn't really cover all the bases at 14:42 even though it was forced mate in one it's easy to tunnel vision in a real game and not look for checks the opponent might have leading to perpetual or even sometimes mate. Granted in that position the king was completely safe but it's important to atleast mention the possibility..

  16. That second ‘wrong answer’ puzzle is weird to me. It’s a puzzle that has you end up down a rook with the upside being “you should be able to promote here eventually.” It’s in this weird place where if this were a real game with enough time on the clock to think about it, I probably would have played the “correct” move because it does seem like your king is mostly safe and promotion is inevitable, but as a puzzle I discard the answer as being too non-decisive.

  17. Great way to explain the calculation and steps! Also you proved your human when you goofed up 😊. Please keep the educational videos coming 🙂

  18. At 5:17 there was actually four options, not three. The king could've taken pawn on f4, but that leads to queen g3 checkmate which is faster checkmate than king f3.

  19. If you wish try a puzzle challenging you vs Hikaru. May was really intresting. OK I bet that was better than you, but again you are very good in puzzle.

  20. I mean you lose a king, down alot of material, but still winning

  21. good video! it helped me a lot to get better. keep going ❤

  22. For the 2600 puzzle start with Quenn B6

  23. 49:44


    Chakaroo, Checkeroo 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Yeah that queen sac, I actually saw that one 15 secs into it 😅 i don’t understand why some high rated puzzles are easy, like the queen sac puzzle 🤷‍♂️

    I really dk man……..we’ll, it is stockfish or the engine that produces the types of puzzles. Stockfish/engine is pretty crazy lol

  25. Would appreciate sbs for my chess traps shorts👍🏽. Great for blitz and bullet 100% solid traps

  26. You better get to 51 or I'll unsubscribe! Jk. I love this series and all your content. Keep it up!

  27. 21:48 That was the first one that I was unsure about (I'm probably rated around 1500-1550); I saw the knight check was the only good move, and that Black can take the bishop, and there it got hazy.

    24:35 I see how to win a piece, but is there something better?

    25:46 Evidently not.

    25:47 I can see how to win a rook.

    27:09 Even better for Black (if … Rxg3+; gh Rxg3+; Kh2) is … Qh4 mate! (And Nelson sees it a minute later.)

    28:33 This looks like another one where White wins a piece (and stops a back-rank mate) with Qd4+. (And Nelson sees it a minute later.)

    31:04 … Rd1+; then if Ne1, Bf5; Re2, Bd3 wins the exchange, or a free knight and mate. White bringing out the Bishop makes him lose the exchange, but what if Re1 after … Rd1+? NOW White bringing out the bishop is not a bad move. (at 31:56) Ah, I missed … Bxf3 after Re1; Black wins a piece.

    34:27 This is the first one I did not get. I could see how to win a piece (… Qf4+ and … Qxh4) but didn't think that was it. BTW, this is called a dovetail.

    39:40 Another stumper. 42:13 A case of an unclear objective (to me, anyway).

    42:14 This looks like a situation where White needs to draw, and I think he can with Nd4+. 44:24: After Nd4+, Ke7; Qxg7+, Kd6; Nf7+, etc. The only way White seems to be able to win the game is if Black walks into a king-queen knight fork, and I think that can be avoided. 46:18 Nope, I blew that one big time.

    47:09 (The 2504 puzzle) This seems almost too easy … Qh3. White can't play Rg1, because of … Qxh2 and Rh8 mate. The only other stalling move is Qxe5, Kh6, and White is out of checks. But now Rg1, and Black's king is in the way. So maybe … Rh8 after that, and Black sneaks the king away? Hmmm. Maybe not so easy.

    50:52 Actually, my basic plan was what Stockfish says to do, except that Kh6 isn't correct. So I was closer than Nelson, on this one.

    54:10 Ke1?? loses. If Kf3, Qg1+; Rf2 is threatening to capture on f7, and the only defense is … Rc7; Qg4+ with a fork. 56:37 QG4, Nelson! QG4!!!! (And interesting that the puzzle was over after Qxf7+; maybe being two pawns up is a decisive endgame here?

    58:05 Qb6 lines up a discovered check. If White checks Black with a rook, then White gets two rooks for the queen and is still up the exchange. 1:01:48 No, because the Bishop check would prevent Black from trading off the rooks.

  28. You still can solve 3000+ rated puzzles with the approach of looking for any checks, captures, and attacks as well. There will be certain moves however that don't quite fit the checks, captures, and attacks category and may require looking for quiet moves (harder to spot). Make sure no move gets dismissed until you have fully analyzed that the move you considered doesn't work. I've been able to get to 3400+ on puzzles with that method of thinking.

  29. I think with that 2600 puzzle, Black is able to have a couple pawns that are passers which are close to promoting (so perhaps worth more than just a pawn), and white somehow will have to give up the material, and the fact that White's King is exposed. It's still a bit tricky though, and I don't think I would have thought that was winning for Black either. Not a great puzzle, but it is quite confusing.

  30. "Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value." —Albert Einstein

  31. This was a really good lesson. It's interesting how tired your brain gets after puzzle rush, but solving 50 puzzles in a row is very impressive, I'm still trying to get past 36, but I think I learned a few things from your video that will help.

  32. Sharp 6 th minute why can't the king take the pawn

  33. probably a good thing to know that you can jut click on the puzzle you have passed/failed, and it will open up in a new tab

  34. 5:49 they’re 4 options, Kxf4 is also an option even tho it’ll lead to checkmate

  35. Nelson is covering too much in a short amount of time here. I can't think that fast.

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