How to Solve Chess Tactics | 2000-2200 Puzzles Training

Learn how to solve chess puzzles from 2000-2200. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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I have two full repertoires with White (e4) and Black (e6/b6)!

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  1. Please upload 2200 to 2600 very hard puzzles

  2. I’m stuck at 5500 puzzles pls do a 5000+ video

  3. Im a bit stuck on 2300. Are we getting the next parts?

  4. I am 1500 and now 2100 thanks for your advice you an 5 star teaher

  5. Continue endgame series levy, I want rook vs queen ending. I had it in recent tournament.

  6. What is the trick here, that's me with a 900 puzzle

  7. Hello. Your videos are instructive. My highest rating on Tactics is 2199 which wasn't that difficult to achieve (once I have studied tactics with a coach for a while and done some puzzles from books). What I would like to know is how can I achieve a rating of 18904 which is someone's rating on the leaderboad of as of today. Any tips?

  8. In the puzzle at around 15:40, why not Qg4+ Rg7 Nh5? Its threatening Nxg7 winning and if Rxg4 theres Nxf6+ K anywhere and NxQ, whites up a knight. Is the proposed solution simply more winning, or does mine not work somehow?

  9. Didn't expect to see a wooden shield in that last puzzle lol.

  10. Wow, really really good video

  11. levy: woww thats a hard puzzle
    hikaru: done in .3 seconds

  12. At 5:25 couldn’t you take the pawn with your own and still be fine? Why is the correct move to move past that pawn when capturing it also works?

  13. Who is the author of the book you referenced?

  14. Can you please do a video on 2400-2600? I've been stuck around 2500 tactics rating for a long time and not really improving.

  15. The hardest thing when your rating is high you second guess yourself when it's simple :^)

  16. Where(website)to play these defense puzzles

  17. 2000? I saw some of these puzzles in an instant and I'm rated 2050. Rather 1700-1800.

  18. I’m a 1500ish player, but I have a 2100 puzzle rating….it also takes me a few minutes to solve them…

  19. Im 1400 rapid but 2200 puzzles when is 2200-2400 coming

  20. Why isn't 13:05 a stalemate? The King is not checked, but still, it has no legal move. How is it now a stalemate? Is there some sort of rule?

  21. A question on the 2082 puzzle??? You say look for checks but you missed bishop to d4 for check. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

  22. criminally underrated and underviewed series

  23. 10:32 did you just say "opa!", as in the exclamation for surprise in spanish?

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  25. When do you do 3500-4000 puzzles? I've been stuck at around 3700 and not improving. Thinking of giving up chess because I can't even solve these low rated problems.

  26. Did he give up after 2200? :O I can't find higher rated puzzle videos, these are great!

  27. I am 1330
    On lichess and i solved the third one

  28. Hello everybody. First of all, I really love your channel Levy, watching it almost every day :). Great content!
    However, I'm wondering how much the puzzle elo score actually tells about ones ability to play the game. In my case, I started playing in January this year and play not good at all, i.e. 900 in 5 minute games. My puzzle rating however is around 1700. So I thought the puzzle elo score is just a rather random number and that IMs would easily score above 3k. Can you guys put me into perspective?
    All the best wishes from Germany 🙂

  29. Its crazy it was a breeeeeez fucking reaching 2000 then after every single one after is a literal grandmaster puzzle

  30. “What is this? I don’t understand”. Like that’s me on every freaking puzzle trying to cross 1600 right now except it’s not sarcastic like Gotham. You get the easiest puzzles man.

  31. I'm at 2300 since today. Now there are draw puzzles

  32. i am stuck at 2300 in puzzles, i hope we get a 2200+ puzzles training one too

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