How to Solve Chess Tactics | 1400-1600 Puzzles Training

Learn how to solve chess puzzles from 1400-1600. Like the video, write a comment ๐Ÿ™‚

I have two full repertoires with White/Black:

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I have two full repertoires with White (e4) and Black (e6/b6)!

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  1. "Look for checks, captures and attacks" just boosted my tactics rating a healthy hundred points. Thanks for the clear advice.

  2. Man, thx to your โ€œ
    Check, capture, attackโ€ sequence Iโ€™ve been able to pass 2000 on tactics . Your videos are great . Cheers

  3. It looks like bad puzzle because you are too good already man ๐Ÿ˜€
    The themes are suggested by users I believe. Hence the quality for some of them are a bit questionable.

  4. Wow, after an entire month there are only 13 comments on this great video!

  5. I crossed 1600+ rating.. Your video is really instructuve

  6. Pausing and looking for the solution.. ah, brain hurty.

  7. your videos literally took me from a 1200 virgin to a 1750 chad in under two weeks. seriously grateful, you are an awesome teacher!!!!

  8. Keep going dude! I am really improving on your videos and your way of teaching is great. Love you <3

  9. I am at a 1438 now thanks to this series. Now have to watch this one more time and struggle to get past 1500

  10. At 15:00, after Qc3 and Re1, what is the follow up? Having trouble with this one.

  11. @ 12:21, why doesn't black play Rh7 after Qg7? Isn't that is a much stronger defense than Nxd5?

  12. 1:35 as a german, the pronounciation of "Zwischenzug" gets me all the time ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. 17:03 but if black moves rook he evades checkmate. idk weird they put this checkmate in

  14. Love this series! Very clear, concise explanations on these solutions.

  15. I got the 5:19 puzzle right but I can't improve my rating over 1400

  16. Although doing puzzles is fun, since we look at them knowing that there is a winning sequence, does it really help our games much?

  17. ืื•ืจื™ ื“ื•ื“ ื ืชื™ื‘ says:

    Helped me a lot, thanks!

  18. When You said: "this is by the book" , from were do we get that book, If we want to learn some theory, If that's possible?! Thank You for all your explained moves…in every game!!!

  19. Hey man I really have to say I think you are a fantastic coach- in the truest sense of the word. The way you described the puzzle beginning at 3:50 was very telling. I like how you take time to break down how we 'should think' about these different situations. Understanding how to think is a style I really associate with, so I have been very much enjoying your videos/twitch stream. Please keep it up

  20. I really love this channel.. The explaination is very good and very instructive.

  21. Pro tip, as soon as the puzzle changes, pause the video. Attempt to solve the puzzle. Then play the video

  22. This is where Iโ€™ve been stuck very helpful levy!

  23. I fighting my way though the 1400ish puzzles now. I've hit milestones before but these really seem to add another layer to the evaluations/thought process.

  24. Levy: "this is a really hard puzzle"
    Also levy sees the solution in 1 second

  25. is it me or you just have a slight european accent?

  26. mate my chess is genuinely starting to get better now thanks a lot

  27. Puzzl Rating: 1968 – "not a difficult puzzle" :p

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  29. "You have to promote to the right pieces, bishop obviously"

  30. I got the last two wrong but all of the others I have got right so far and I have been watching since the first video. It looks tricky from here on out however.

  31. I like when you pause it and think about it for minutes on end and can't find a solution – even when its for a rating lower than yours then Levy says 'that was an easy one'

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