How To Solve Chess Puzzles

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  1. pawn promotion to queen checkmate is so GOOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    i so happy

  2. Bro I think this is the chilliest he’s ever been
    Like where’s the : “And then he sacrifices … THE ROOOOOOOK!!!!!!!”
    Somebody must’ve put like 5 ounces of Prozac in his drink

  3. Sacrificing a rook is always the solution, no matter the position.

  4. I finally hit 2000 today in puzzles thanks to your guidance!

  5. Day 6 of asking where to get the Hoodie Levy is wearing

  6. Yea puzzles don’t mean shit I’m 1800 puzzles and 900 rapid lol it just helps me identify mates quicker but in game those aren’t always the best moves

  7. I’m at 2000 puzzle rating I don’t know any fancy openings, kinda stuck there a little bit now I think

  8. I feel like I'm much better at puzzles than I am in an actual game. How do I fix that lol

  9. I’m 1000 rated in puzzles but 400 rated in 10 minute 😂

  10. Sacrificing the rook is forced, like en passant

  11. So basically, I just have to sac the rook and go to the restaurant in Toronto because I'm mad trash, bro. PRRRRRRRRR

  12. i saw that exact mate in 3 right away. when he says puzzls solving is easy im rated 600 against people and 1500 in puzzles

  13. Wait How is Qg4 still Winning Qh4 lg2 Rg8 kf3 and king escapes

  14. Most of what I try to do is "If then else" If there's more than one possibility Then move not effective Else goto If.

  15. Queen c7 is not mate cause the queen takes queen

  16. You can just keep queen on the white tiles and there's no escape for the king

  17. “Qc7 is mate” Black Queen left the chat

  18. Please explain. If Qc7 is mate so why is the black queen on f4 it can take

  19. Yeah I’m 750 ish in 15|10 and I solve these easily because I know that something has to be correct. Puzzles are fun though bc it makes me feel like I’m good at chess

  20. There was one puzzle I did where the solution I thought through lead to a forced mate but the solution they wanted was positional and this was a 1600 rated puzzle

  21. bro the whole chat going “THE ROOOOKK” “THE ROOOK”

  22. Queen c7+ is not checkmate because queen can take back and pawn takes your queen. Still,gothams mpves are best

  23. Also, Qh4 is still #, because if Kh1, just hangs the K one move sooner, because Qh2 is #.

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