How To Solve Chess Puzzles | Improve Your Tactics & Visualization

This video GothamChess does some Puzzle Rush survival mode on, where tactics become stronger in difficulty from Move 1. The process and strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. him getting the 1159 wrong and my feeble mind finding mate brings a little hope to the table for me

  2. Everytime I get aggravated with Levy I'll play 17:37 of this video and say, come on Levy, I knew that one lol. Haha, love your content though man.

  3. The one thumb orally wash because washer naturalistically interest into a jealous anime. sable, fanatical worm

  4. Can somebody help me with this chess problem??
    Seven figures join the white queen, who waits, facing the board.
    The black queen, the black rook, and the white pawn stand on one side of the board.
    The white bishop, the white rook, and the black bishop stand opposite.
    The black rook stands to the immediate right of the white king and directly across from the white bishop.
    The white pawn stands directly across from the white rook and to the white queen's immediate left.
    The black queen, white pawn, white king, and black rook leave the board first, each one following the other..

    The answer is a 4 letter word.
    There is this drawing too with a black rectangle with the white queen been on left side of rectangle and with 3 lines across the top of rectangle. First line has letter A on top then second line has the C on top and then the third line has the E on top..
    Then, on bottom of rectangle there are another 3 lines across the bottom of rectangle. One line has letter B, second line letter D and third line letter F. and on opposite side of rectangle across from white queen is another line with letter G on it . I think I gotta use this as a clue to unscramble the 4 letter word.

    I used my chess board to tried to unscramble it by placing chess pieces just like the instructions said but iam confused about the drawing and the last part of the clues

  5. Levy: ahhhhh a puzzle that is not so obvious!
    Me: Ra3 bruh I’m rated 2000

  6. Most helpful chess video I’ve ever watched! Everyone preaches practicing tactics, but you’re the first person to teach how to solve them.

  7. Pussle 20 was hx6 Qe5 and its a fork bishop and king i solved this when Im rated 1000:)))

  8. When I see something go then doesn’t

  9. If you have time in the future could you discuss puzzle impacts to the rating please? When I get a puzzle right I get 4 to 10 points in lichess, but when I get something wrong it subtracts 10 to 20 points. Thus seems to be fairly irrelevant to the complexity of the puzzle but I am a beginner trying to reach 1500 and hovering around 1400 now (for puzzles).

  10. This may be the most stupid question in the world but why spend time "taking stock"? I can't see how it effects how to approach the puzzle? I tend to acknowledge threats first, then move on to checks, captures, attacks etc.

  11. U going v fast, once solved ur screen disappears and not let to see it

  12. Chess dot com is too expensive anyone got any other places for more diverse puzzles or some HQ lessons??

  13. The move at 4:54 where the bishop takes the queen… how does that win the puzzle? What is the main line to win the match from there? I wish it was explained because I can’t seem to find it.

  14. His chess puzzles: Oh no my queen!
    My chess puzzles: Forced mate in 10.
    This a joke btw his tips r really gud u should listen to this man

  15. If I got all of them right am I master level?

  16. 10:05
    Me: hey this is kinda tricky
    Gotham: it’s this.. duh
    Me: yeah duh so easy

  17. Wait the thumbnail is the 1000 rated puzzle he failed XD

  18. Might be late, but at 24:55 he could’ve taken bishop, then rook, and depending on the person he could’ve had mate or the opponent’s queen

  19. Why would the Queen not capture the bishop in the Scandinavian trap since it takes two moves?

  20. I feel like the last word should have been "brutal"

  21. The puzzle at 23 min in. They don't let you do that move, because putting yourself in check is an illegal move.

  22. Just a small note: in puzzles, whether you're black or white, your pawns always go up just like in the game 🙂

  23. I was 1800 (now i am 1700) in puzzle rating (lichess) while having ~850 rating in It's not so easy to climb up to at least 1200 when you gain like 8 elo/win.

  24. If it's simply mate in 1, why count material??

  25. I learned how to play chess over fifty years ago. I can't help but think that if the internet existed then, I would have been a better chess player. Now, my brain is old and fried. Desperately attempting to reach 2200 vis puzzles and to date, pathetically unsuccessful. You kids should take advantage of your young brains and new tech.

  26. I did not play much chess. I miss some simple moves. I played less than 90 games in my life.around 20 games I played with my relative. These were some of the games which were quite complex. They were not blitz games. I have seen some beautiful strategies and tricks. It is so entertaining and amazing. When we think about some puzzle rigourously we can get lot of new ideas.

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