How To Solve Chess Puzzles | Improve Your Tactics & Visualization

This video GothamChess does some Puzzle Rush survival mode on, where tactics become stronger in difficulty from Move 1. The process and strategy for solving chess puzzles in this video will be useful for beginners and intermediate players.

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  1. 17:37 I’m not sure if it’s correct but if you take the pawn with check, king moves to h8 and you take the pawn on e5 with the queen with check again, king moves to h7 and it’s mate with the queen on g7, I think

  2. 17:35 levy was suggesting pushing the pawn and i was just like "TAKING DOES WORK QUEENS CAN MOVE HORIZONTALLY"

  3. 17:40 i solved this puzzle easily 🤐 and levy did it wrong idk how he doesn't get it in once

  4. i love this channel, i genuinely got better at the game because of levy

  5. 1500+ baby!!, I can play play chess now. Not play, like a noob. But I know how to play play chess. You know what I mean.

  6. maybe those puzzles are intense but takis are SERIOUSLY intense

  7. I wish I would see the damned traps in my games like I see them in this video…would have gotten mated 100% in the 24:16 puzzle…

  8. 17:35 i came here thinking i was bad at chess but seeing levy making mistakes at the 20th puzzle like me gives me at least some consolation

  9. Deflection, queen sacrifice into horse fork, checked forced moves, etc

  10. Useful. Thought I might have to watch this a few (hundred?) times to really get it all 😅

  11. Half of them make no sense. You’ll have a 1500 that’s just a queen rook train, then a 800 with 10 moves that leaves you hooked with equal trades. You never know if it’s a checkmate or material grab. I go up and down from 1500-1200. I usually just want to smash things. To be fair though, I am terrible at chess. I’ve beat all the bots halfway through the advanced, but couldn’t beat a 400 to save my life.

  12. Me 1200 daily struggling to get past 1150 puzzles:

  13. It feels good when you solve the puzzle that the IM did wrong.

  14. How the hell did u miss that puzzle mate??!!

  15. 19 was the first one I messed up on – I saw winning the knight but not the checkmate

  16. Pls solve this my sir gv it and I can't solve it pls help

  17. I hate doing puzzles just gets me frustrated tbh I don't know how people can do them so easily

  18. 17:26 I’m 2000 in puzzle and I paused and stared at that one for a good minute and felt like an idiot for not seeing the idea, glad levy took the hit for me.

  19. 28:20
    I guessed this move just in 7 seconds and also saw the queen has to abandon the knight

  20. Admit it
    You thought those were dildos in the background

  21. I can't wrap my head around 34:28 . What happens if Black plays f6? How is white supposed to concert the position?

  22. Hi thanks for the video. I’m a 400 and started solving puzzles some months ago, it was very fun it was challenging but scored everything right 😁

  23. I m stuck in 1650 rating in puzzles and i cant raise it!

  24. While I love doing puzzles, I am quite a slow player. The problem with puzzles is this – if I treated every move like it was a puzzle, I would timeout every game. Of course with practice I get faster, and I try to tell myself, "look for checks, captures, and attacks" before every move, but by move 10, my timer is becoming an issue.

  25. At 34:30, when Bg5, why not Rxg5? If takes, you hang mate, if pawn takes pawn xg6, Qxg6 with check and the king’s only space is Kh8, and then Qg7 is mate. Or am I missing something here?

  26. nobody:
    Levy: this is a very very difficult puzzle but i solved it in 5 seconds

  27. I like to play creatively not do what a book said is right. I see why Bobby started to hate chess. The theory kind makes it not fun. When everyone just plays theory based games it’s more like there just doing what other people did instead of thinking for themselves. It not even “playing”anymore and feels more like following job instructions. Or just copying someone’s code off stackoverflow. They aren’t artists anymore.

  28. You slide over with the written… it was take with the lawn then u mate them with queen taking pawn

  29. I’m sorry but how are you drawing the lines on the board

  30. 13:20 well but there was a knight fork on g6 (after bishop f7)! Winning the rook. So that would have made me capture with the bishop. Of course a mate is better 🙂 Anyways I feel the puzzles should give half points for making the first move right, somtimes there are 4 follow up moves, it's harder to get them all right rather than just one, especially in a puzzle battle this seems unfair. perhaps you can give some feedback to the site to improve it, you seem to be working close with the site owner. Btw the explanation video is well appreciated, really great content.

  31. I think this was one of my most favorite videos. (Also because pausing was fruitful, some kind of add which I usually didn't experience) It felt you were very natural and in a funny mood here. Then to err once and be mad about it made it more attractive to watch, and then the ice on the coffin is to analyze that one game, (and get mad about that golden Bf5 which was indeed godlike) and you even covered what to do if Kh7 which I wondered about (wonderful then I don't have to build it up here).

  32. I think best move for 4:04 is Ra3+ be cause we will win the rook

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