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Solve Chess Puzzles Like a Chess Grandmaster! #4

Grandmaster Simon Williams VS Lichess puzzles, tactics and strategy on how to win at chess for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. For more content subscribe to the best YouTube chess channel GingerGM

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  1. Hey guys, thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe, it really helps out. Cheers

  2. Thanks for the puzzle. Dear GM, I'm no comp. expert, but I think computers use "selective search" so this 64 depth of Stockfish isn't worth anything – it has saw a weird move and has simply skipped it, you have options in programs, at least in old ones, (such as "chessmaster") to "Search for mate" – in other words, no selectiveness At All – continuing calculation for even the strangest moves [in which case, you'd be surprised, the comp's ability is about 5 moves depth after a couple of minutes, or a minute, I don't remember, one move being 2 'plies' – 1.e4 e5 – that's one move, or two plies].

  3. Thanks for your videos, they are really instructive.

  4. This puzzle was absolute filth. Who came up with this?

  5. I love these puzzles, you can learn so much , this one was the most insane I have ever seen

  6. Im really waiting for the moment when chess online community will realize that it about 80 percent consists of cheaters) thats hilarious)))

  7. stockfish stumped !! … amazing puzzle

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