How to Solve Chess Puzzles #8

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I share my thoughts while trying to solve 2 chess puzzles.



  1. Takes way too long. On these are Blitz puzzles against the clock. A slow correct answer will get a failed score !!!!

  2. Can you solve these 3 errr 2 puzzles? 🙂

  3. Whaaaaaaaaat? What kind of line is that!? haha. Nice job finding it though.

  4. Decided to take the plunge and get a subscription. Spent a good 4-5 hours with the Chess Mentor, and watching these videos. Got my rating from 1300ish to 1350 in one night! (Really big jump for me.) 

    So… Thanks, man! 

  5. Well done on the first problem. I missed the bishop move as well. New to the channel and wanted to say this series is fantastic!

  6. The second one I was thinking of playing qc4.  Its a forcing move in the way that the rook and the queen are overloaded and if the queen ever tries to move out of the pin, there is the e2+ fiasco.   However, it only picks up the knight, and not the game

  7. Where do you find chess puzzles? Do you have to buy them somewhere?

  8. At the second puzzle, I thought about Qh3 as well. But it's not as forcing, though it is threatening Rc2.

  9. the second one I got right away. 

    first one was a very nice one! I like those much better. make me really think about all the variations. more like a real game.

  10. Why would the queen not take the bishop on g2?

  11. That first puzzle was tough. I didn't even have a good first move to calculate. Second one was easier.

  12. First one gave me a headache too! After 8 min I was saying just move already! haha, tanks for uploading Jerry

  13. The first one went right over my head, but I got my self esteem back in the second one by seeing the solution instantly 🙂

  14. At the first one I had a good feeling but I missed the bishop move…

  15. First one was impossible for me. Even in the position right before the bishop move, I would have trouble seeing it.

    Second one I saw very quickly.

  16. Jerry, challenge Carlsen for a blitz match on the ICC, that would be super entertaining

  17. the first one was the hardest puzzle i've ever seen i think

  18. At 12:12 why did the queen have to move to g3 :/ can go anywhere else??

  19. Thanks Jerry. BTW Why don't you show the problems ratings?  

  20. The first one was pure elimination. You solve it because you know there's something there and then find the most forcing moves very cool one though

  21. Ong! I can figure out the solution to the first puzzle now! So awesome !

  22. Yes! I got the last one before you! But the first one was hard as hell lol

  23. I saw the kind of thing needed to be done on #2 pretty fast (thanks to seeing so many of your videos), but #1 just required too much processing 🙁

  24. I was trying to mate in the first problem, but I couldn't see a sufficient mating net. So I thought about winning the queen. Nice figuring. That was a bit difficult.

  25. Oh man, that first one was just crazy! Impossible to solve!

  26. The first one was much more easier, a lot less variations to calculate. I did not see Nf4 and Nc1 variations on the second one so I guess it is 1/2 for me.

  27. I have solved the the first problem in five minutes.

  28. At 12:12 why couldn't black queen take the Bishop? Why did she move to G4?

  29. The 1st puzzle was a tough one but a good one! I struggle with puzzles where the King is in the middle.  Much easier when the King is in a corner.

  30. I also found the first problem really tough.

  31. Haha I saw the second one in 5 seconds. And then checked out the R sac as a more material conscious solution but discarded it because the white Q would still be protecting the R on d1 so the exchange would equalize and the prized pawn would become lost. That was an easy one for me but the first one was just crazy, Good job on getting it =D

  32. Really proud I was able to solve the first one.

    Helped to notice early on moving the pawn got nowhere.

  33. On c5 Kd5 c4 why not Ke6 and if Ke4 Kg5?

  34. Next move for white is Qxg3 and that is mate!!

  35. I was thinking that on this first puzzle that knight f5 because then king has to move to c6,and the knight on d3 can give a fork by capturing the pawn on e5. 🙂

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