How to Solve Chess Puzzles #32

I share my thoughts while trying to solve 3 chess puzzles. Feel free to quickly pause the video before I share what I’m thinking with each chess puzzle if you’d like to solve them on your own. Simply asking the right questions can lead us down the correct path towards a puzzle’s solution.

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  1. I got the 3rd one wrong.  1. Bxb7 Rxb6 2.  Rad1, can be countered by 2… Bd6

  2. Weak puzzles or not, thank you for the video. I really appreciate your commentaries.

  3. saw the idea of the third one right away. First two Jerry was quicker than I could calculate it or whatnot. my chess has improved watching all of your content

  4. In the third puzzle could black have not simply move his g2 or h2 pawns forward after white moves the knight.

  5. these problems were pretty weak. I got 100 percent at about 15 seconds per puzzle

  6. The first two OK, but the final one not quite so easy (had to think – always a problem ). Thanks, J-Man.

  7. sometimes a tactics who is rated low can be difficult to solve and sometimes a difficult high rated can be easy to solve
    tactics is about seeing not about thinking
    and sometimes you are engaged in a idee who dont work but you believe it work
    so to say this this problem is easy and this is hard make no sense
    but very common for chess player to think for me this was easy then it's a easy problem the only thing it's pointing at that many chess players does not have self-awareness and therefore not able to see that one problem can be hard for one persen and easy for another persen without that one person is better than the other in all cases

  8. After some time I spotted that last one.
    But I feel like, in a game, I wouldn't find it, or even look for it, because it wouldn't seem to me that a tactic is present in that position.

    I there anything that could maybe help to spot a tactic in a position like that?

  9. Hi Jerry (or anyone else who can help!)

    I'm pretty good at solving these puzzles and on the tactics trainer: my problem is seeing when these opportunities arise during the game. I often miss them when I'm going through a game, either I get caught up on one idea or miss my opponent's tactics. Is there a good way to improve on that side of things? Tactics trainer isn't helping too much: I'm rated a good 200-300 points higher on tactics trainer than on my blitz score, unless that's normal…

  10. I saw 3rd one immediately
    Your videos are awesome

  11. Is there any reason to still be using It seems to be inferior to in every way. The amount of useful features lichess has as astounding.

  12. 2/3 I couldn't get the last one. I was so fixated on the back rank. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as usual Jerry!

  13. First time I've gone 3/3 and it took like 30 seconds total.  😉

  14. Couldn't in the last one the rook in a6 move after the fork into a8? And that would be a two piece for both because the rook which was left could take the bishop?

  15. Well, Jerry, I never expected to solve a puzzle quicker than you. But then again you gave me the motivation to play chess after all. Great video, great puzzles!

  16. at the second puzzle, i thought it had to be the rook move first , but then i saw that with 2 rooks on the 7th , are you not mating straigt after that? with check on b7, check on a7 and then the other rook on b7?

  17. RIght now I am an 800 rating… anybody got any tips to get me better?? My weakest point is my opening…

  18. I gotta say, Puzzle 2 I just went straight ahead with Qc2 battering against g2 and b2 but then after your explanation I thought "am I missing something"? It turns out Rf2 would easily protect everything. It's amazing how weak the enemy position looks at times but how they can somehow make your attack or ideas worthless. great vid as always jerry 🙂

  19. I not only got one right for once but i actually got the 3rd one before Jerry too. I'm a little bit proud of that one!!

  20. Actually solved these three! Pretty happy.

  21. I got them all, improving in these puzzle and tactics !! The first two were easy, probably wouldn't see them in a fast game.

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