How to Solve Chess Puzzles #18

I share my thoughts while trying to solve 3 chess puzzles.

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  1. Another fantastic video as usual; thanks Jerry!

  2. I was gonna go to bed, but then this. I guess sleep can wait!

  3. Hmm, I'm a bit confused.
    In the second puzzle, after Rd3, doesn't white have Bxg7+?
    Is this not just about winning material? What am I missing here?

  4. Thanks Jerry. I forced my girlfriend to watch. She was impressed that I got the first one. After that…

  5. Thanks you so much for these videos 🙂

  6. Great jerry, any1 know the real life name of amazingoid?

  7. You're good! Wish I could keep track of such calculations in my head. Only been playing for a year, so hopefully it'll come with time 🙂

  8. in puzzle #2, what if you go …Bxe3  .fxe3 Rxf3  .Rxf3 Qg4+  isn't it all forcing? and you get a free piece

  9. Don't you just wish it was blitz season???

  10. How do all of these tactics sites calculate the puzzle ratings? Puzzle 1 was rated 2254, but I saw it literally immediately, yet on a site like chesstempo, my rating hovers between 1470 and 1550 (I've only been learning chess for maybe 4 months or so). I did not see the solution to puzzle 2. I was trying to play rxf3 with the qg4 follow up which obviously accomplishes nothing. I also looked at ne5 with the nxf3+ follow up with qh3 coming next, but that seems entirely fruitless after white simply moves the light squared bishop. The third puzzle I saw the 1st 2 simple moves, but I didn't think long/hard enough about the follow up, and perhaps I am not quite strong enough yet to have seen it. Fun stuff though.

  11. Was able to fully calculate the third one 🙂 and I missed the other two. 🙁

  12. Like it ! – thanks for the puzzles.

  13. Great fun! Thanks Jerry.  I definitely got something out of it!

  14. I dont quite understand what Rxd3 is helping?
    I mean its not a loss of game only a trade for 2rooks to 1 rook ? 🙂

  15. Chess is everything. Art, science and sport.

  16. i can solve chess puzzle easily Just sixmonth play chess

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